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HELP - toddler driving me nuts Lock Rss

My DS is nearly 22 months and just will not behave. Ask him not to do something, he does it, try time out and he laughs or just comes out and does it again straight away, he runs whenever he gets a chance and thinks it a game that he is chased. We have tried asking, redirection, yelling, time outs, taking toys away. It is like he has painted on ears sometimes - i know he hears me but is just ignoring everything. Could it be his diet?? I think his diet is pretty good, lots of fruit and vegetables, wholewheat bread, no sweets, fizzy, ice cream etc. he has crackers and the occasional plain biscuit or muesli bar but not much processed food at all. What else can I do or is this just toddlerhood?? We do have a new baby which i am sure is causing a little bit of the acting out but surely not all of it - baby is now 11 weeks. cheers for any advice.
i have got one of those but she is three. I try and head it off before it starts.... not always with success though....

we do the whole pick her up and bang her in her room.....

it could be that he is just realised that that baby is here to stay...
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