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Hi Ladies,

My son Luke is not talking yet, he makes noises and will say things like TA or NO but that is it.

Can anyone recommend what to try to get him talking more, other mothers i know with kids the same age have quiet a large range of words and some are even starting to put a couple of words together.

Do you think something might be wrong with my son?

Thanks for your time.

Short I have an 18 month old, does the same as yours, but understands instructions very well.

I also have a 4 year old, who was exactly the same....then pretty much, on her second birthday, started talking in sentences. I just think some kids take it all in first, then 1 day.... wow!!!
My 4 year old has a highly extensive vocab now, it is amazing, so it also doesn't mean they will be behind when they are older either.

A long as you are reading, singing, talking to him during the day by pointing things out, that will all encourage speach.... MOST kids will do things in their own time, I would not worry at all.


I have heard that boys espicially are much slower to talk than girls. As pp said they do things in their own time.
I would say to look at his overall behaviour at his age. If he's not talking but he's pointing at things and is interested in what you are doing and in joining you in games and daily activities then just keep singing, reading and talking. If he does appear distant then maybe have a chat with your GP. In short, go with your gut, if you are concerned talk with other people. Most speech programs also suggest using what they love to get them to vocalise not what you think they should be interested in.
No, I only think is very excellent.
I agree with Eve75.
My older two were the same at about 18-20 months but around 2 years or just after they improved.
I have a 19 month old now, and she says the following but not clearly if you ask me, but other mums say it is fairly clear.
catty and meow ( a huge cat fan)
got it
That's all I can think of at the moment

The other thing is, sometimes they say more words than you realise, if you write down each thing you hear them say as they say it, the list may be longer than you think smile
Also, I don't have an ear for it, other mums seem to understand kids talk better than I do!

Is his hearing ok? If you're concerned you could go and see a speech pathologist. They're the best people to identify the problems he's actually having (if any) and what to do about it.
I had the same issue with DD and by 2.5 we did see a speech therapist. The therapy did not help but the advice of other mums did. DD is nearly 4 now and won't shut up. She still has a few small issues with sounds but compared to when she was 2 improved so much. DS is 1 tomorrow and yet to say a single word. Im not worried as i know boys can be slower. The tip i was given was tell them everything there doing and holding and pointing out things. It does get repetitive but works.
Hi there

MY DD is 19 months and not really talking a lot either. Her brother at the same age was forming sentences. I am not too they say every child is different. Apart from 'mumma', 'dadda', 'bubba' and 'bot bot' (bottle) she doesn't say many words. I don't think it's a problem at this age smile

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