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13 month old walking on tiptoes Lock Rss

Hi, My 13 month old Daughter isn't walking by herself yet and when she pushes her push to walk around or walks around the coffee table etc. she is always on her toes and hates to go flat footed.
Occasionally she will do a couple of steps flat footed but not very many.
Has anyone else had this problem?
I just read somewhere that it could be a mild form of cerebral palsy, but she is otherwise healthy. She was born 4 weeks premature.
mine didn't do this but you might consider seeing a physio who desls with kids and babies to get it checked out. Good luck.
I work as an occupational therapist and occasionally see idiopathic toe walkers through my work.

Children do it for a number of reasons, occasionally (and I mean very occasionally), it can be a mild form of cerebal palsy or Duchenne muscular dystrophy (again Duchennes is extremely rare in females). It can also be a sign of shortened tendons (usually, but not always archilles tendon). But most commonly it's just a habit that the child grows out of over time.

If you are on your physio/GPs radar about it, then it will be easier to seek help if it's required, so mention it to them. It's rare that any intervention would happen until after the age of three. But have a chat about it and a maybe a quick examination to put your mind at rest. Good luck!

Thanks for that, I'm seeing my GP tomorrow so I will have a chat then.
I was starting to worry but you have put my mind at ease, Thanks!
h'd be intrested in seeing you gp said. DD is 19, walking at 12 months and has dine this since then. not all the tome, but regulalry. she was 6 weeks premmie, but got to admit, miles ahead pn walking and talking comapred to her friends... with suggests fine in terms of mental and physical development. heard it can be a prob too
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