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Is preschool necessary? Rss

Preschool in nsw is the 2 years before school they go 1-2 days a week when they are 3 and 3-4 days when they are 4 in preperation for school. Preschhol in my opinion does not cover childcare/playgroup/ or anything where parents are in attendance.
Its is specifically for getting ready for school- learning how to find your own bag, get out your lunch, find a spot to eat, toileting yourself, washing hands etc. all guided but in prep for starting school (there is heaps more they do thats just eg's) my daughter goes to ACT's version for 1/2 day each week.

Apologies for my replies, hope they make sense. I am usually typing one handed or interrupted halfway through wink

OC1246 wrote:
.....I am confused now....I thought preschool came after kindy? Either way, I don't think any of it is necessary before 4! Enjoy your time with them!
I would decide according to your child. If you think he will benefit - go for it, if not - don't stress!


I don't think preschool is necessary. I do see that children who go to preschool do things like follow rules, go to other adults more easily, but I don't think these are necessary skills. My son was very shy and I was concerned about his ability to make friends. Now at the age of four, he is very outgoing and loves other kids. He still doesn't happily participate in our playgroups, it's just his personality (unless he is in a certain mood). If your child feels safe and secure at home, that's all she needs. She'll be fine! I remember I used to worry, too.

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