About 5/6 weeks ago my husband notice a small lump a bit smaller than a pea on the back of my 11 month old sons neck.. the next day I took him to the doctors where he was checked over. The doctor said it's a swollen lymph node, he was checked for more and she checked his tummy, she didn't suspect anything synister and it was very movable so probably his body fighting an infection of some sort (but he hadn't had a cold for a while). She also said as he has eczema and often has flare ups it could be because of that.
She told me it does take a while to go down.

So it's been some time now and it's still there.. Sometimes it feels a little smaller, sometimes a little larger. He has no other signs of something serious like sleeping more (quite the opposite, he still wakes a few times a night), he has never been seriously sick and has never ran temperatures or had a bug! He has had a mild chest infection though. He does have some sinus problems and snorts during the day and snores at night sometimes while sleeping.

HAS anyone else had a bub with swollen lymph node that stuck around for some time??