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  5. My 2.5yr old has not gained any weight in a year ; / getting concerned

My 2.5yr old has not gained any weight in a year ; / getting concerned Rss

Hi there just wondering if I should be concerned about this. I have a 29month old girl who only weighs 10.5 kgs. She does not appear to be skinny or underweight she is just tiny for her age ( my hubby says she is a little runt). I was curious the other day to see what she weighs as I met up with a gf of mine who has a 10month old who is a chubby bubby who turns out to weigh the same as my Tess (29month). So I pulled out her Blue book and last time she was weighed at 18months she weighed the same. Should I be concerned do you think?

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According to the "norm" in the blue book she should weigh between 12-13KG, but weighing 10.5 isnt out of the green zone! My DD has always been a little taller than the average and under the average weight for her age and my HCN told me that as long as she is in the green zone it isnt too dangerous, Some kids burn energy quickly and/or are active kids and tend to not put on a lot of weight even if it is the norm, if you're concerned you could always see your GP and just ask, but my DD is about 1 to 1.5 kgs under the norm line in the blue book and i have been told thats more than fine for her!

A lot happens in a year. Your child will be more moblie and able to use her body and may be moving around more and in different ways. She will also have done some growing so as long as she is healthy I don't think you should be worried about her.
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