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just wondering Lock Rss

hi everyone i have a 18 month old girl just wondering what other 18 month old little ones are up to learning and speech wise like words colors and animals body parts etc thanks smile
DD2 is 17 and a half months and says quite a few words. She can point to and say eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair. She says moo for a cow and baa for a sheep. She can say cheese, milk, yoghurt, no more, oh dear, bye bye, no, dadda, mumma, pa, nonno, nana, car, truck (which sounds like $%^&) and her sister's name.
I find she picks up things quite quickly.
DD1 was a different story. By 2 she wasn't putting 2 words together and needed to have speech therapy. I guess having an older sister who now doesn't stop talking helps. smile

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