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What age do kids stop growing. Lock Rss

Hi just wanted to know does anyone know when kids stop growing?
as my DD will be 9yrs old in 3 months & she is only 131cm tall.Most
of the kids at school are all taller then her.
I am worried she going to be shorter then me which is 161cm tall.
Not sure how tall DH is may around 175cm tall.

My DS will be 5 this year I do know when he was 4yrs he was 112cm tall.
He like a head shorter then DD alot of people think there is 2 yrs apart but
it's 4yrs.

Thanks you if any one read this.

Thanks so much for your reply.

Going by her feet she is a size 2.
DS is a 12-13. When I get his shoe
I like them to be a little bit big.

I stopped growing at 11.5-12yrs old. I'm only 158cm tall n shorter than my mum which annoys me cos it seems weird lol tongue but Id hate to be tall so it's ok haha
Girls on AVERAGE stop growing between 14-16yrs old.... Boys on the other hand have their last growth spurts later and on AVERAGE will grow til they're anywhere between 18yrs old and 26!! My half bro didn't stop growing til he hit 25 n he's just over 6ft4 smile

Thanks maybe she will be shorter then me as
I am also shorter then my mum.
I keep staying to DH that DD is not going to be
very tall.

After the age of 12 I only grew another 4cms, so I'd pretty much reached my adult height of 156 by the end of primary school and grew just those extra couple of cm's sometime before finishing school.

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To go against the grain, I finally stopped growing at 19!!! I am 185cm tall, my mum is 170cm and my dad is 198cm smile
I know that I was only about 133cm tall at 9yrs old. So I'd say your DD will just be petite - even if she stops growing at 12 or an early age she should still be at least 5ft2 or 157.5cm so that's not too bad!!
My aunt was only 148cm at her tallest n is now a mere 140cm tall after shrinking heaps so tiny smile
Being short isn't necessarily a bad thing smile

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