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Anyones else 2 year old drool? Lock Rss

Ds1 is 27 months old and still drools like he did when he was 4 months old. It is like a tap running constantly sooo annoying!! He has all his teeth bar 2 top 2 year old molars..

Anyone else's toddler a drooler? lol I have honestly never seen a toddler drool this much!

I'm pretty sure he is! Can't come quick enough.. I just hope he stops drooling once they come through! Still have never seen a kid drool this much hahah

Yep he has always drooled from 2 months old.. I've actually asked a couple doctors about it and they reckon it just teething and that's normal..
What do the adenoids have to with drooling??

my son was bad with drool for years. He eventually saw an ent and has had grommets put in adnoids out and some lump quarterised inside his nose. Now he hears better doesn't snore and doesn't dribble. And he is much happier. Best to get it checked out. Good luck

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That's very interesting thanks for that.. He is quite a heavy breather and I notice sometimes when he is watching TV he breathes very heavy through his mouth. He doesn't snore thankfully lol.. Will have to take him to my doctor and see what they say..

What I found out is that doctors don't tell you much. I had seen several doctors about my sons dribbling and it was always put down to teeth or colds or that he would grow out of it. It wasn't until I demanded a hearing test as he had speech problems that we found out he had very bad hearing and were then referred to an ENT. He then told us that the adenoids had to come out and the nose done and that should stop the dribbling. It worked and surgery is no where near as bad as you think. The docs and nurses were all great and it didn't take very long. In and out in half a day

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Yes we still get drool, and he gets so excited talking now that he spits too! Yuck grin

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