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Biting - childcare and expel Lock Rss

Im sorry you're in this position. Biting is a normal child hood phase but i would be looking for help if it had gone on for three months.

It probably doesn't feel very good to have your child excluded but it may be necessary to keep other children safe if the centre can't prevent the biting.

Maybe you could ask a child health nurse how to deal with the biting?

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Ds1 was bitten on the lip at child care! The crèche couldn't tell me the name of the child due to confidentiality ( but my son did!!!) but they did mention children can bite if they can't verbalise well. It is hard for under 2's to say what they want, how they feel etc but could this be a possible reason? Also, talking to your mchn is a great idea!

My DS went through a biting phase for about a week. He bit 2 children and then it stopped...may have been frustration, who knows??
It is hard for you and as a number of parents say, it is sometimes harder being the parent of a biter than of a bitee. Did your CC pop him in time out or speak to him at he time? Sorry I dont know the legal implications of this but maybe a fresh start might be the best solution.
Axiom wrote:
And I have to disagree - you can't just say it's the childcare centre's responsibility. You're the parent and responsible for modifying your child's behaviour. Other parents also pay for their children to be safe and not get bitten. If the carers give your child extra attention and special treatment by spending one on one time with her it will only make the situation worse as well.

My thoughts exactly.

Hi, so coming from a being a children's services professional... is it the same children your daughter is biting all the time or random ones? The carers in her room and the director should be able to give you pointers to help curb her biting and the tean leader can implement a behavioral management plan. In the centre's ive worked in we've never expelled a child for biting, we work with the child and their parents to overcome it. Also is it just in care she does it? There are many factors that come into all this.

So I know this is an old thread, but I found it in an internet search on children biting at daycare. Because on the flipside of this argument…I am “that” mum whose son bites at daycare.

He doesn’t do it when in a large group of children for mothers group meetings, and he doesn’t do it to his cousin who is the same age and regularly plays with. He spends 3 days of the week with me and doesn’t do it, then is looked after 2 days while I’m at work by his grandparents, and he doesn’t do it then either. He doesn’t do it at home of an evening to either myself or his father, he doesn’t bite toys, he doesn’t bite the couch, he doesn’t bite animals and he doesn’t bite himself.

Yet I get a call almost weekly from daycare (He is there 2 days a week) saying that he has bitten another child. Some times its completely unprovoked, and sometimes it’s an argument over a toy. Sometimes they are quick enough to catch him, and other days they aren’t.

Todays call was him trying to bite 5 times unprovoked, 3 times he made contact and almost drew blood. He was excluded from the babies room and spent the rest of the day by himself.

He has also been bitten himself, which I couldn’t get upset about as they let me know straight away and he has done it to other children so I have no right to be upset.

So spare a thought for me, who is at her wits end on how to stop this and fears every week that they may exclude him from daycare altogether too. My beautiful son who is happy, plays all day and is sociable and kind seems to turn into this monster child when I drop him off at daycare. And now he can’t even play with other children while he is there either which can’t be much fun for him. It upsets me a great deal to think that he is doing this, because apart from the damage that he does to other children, im getting slapped with the stigma of being “that” mum, when I cant find one single reason for him doing this. Im wracked with guilt, and can find no way of fixing this when he doesn’t do it at home, so we cant teach him not to do it!!
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