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Flat Feet Condition Lock Rss


My 17 months old DD has flat feet, and one foot is a bit tilted / arched inward at an angle. I am worried about this condition, don't really know what to do. Has anybody had this problem? any advise is much appreciated.

My son has flat feet! He has just turned 2 smile

At first I was really concerned that there was something wrong with him because when he is standing it looks as though the shin bone doesn't connect to the ankle properly, kind of like his shin bones are angled... I took him to the gp a few months ago who said that yes he does have flat feet but they are still within the normal range and have perfect movement and nothing is joined up incorrectly...

If you're concerned just take her to the doctor smile

Thanks so much for all your replies.. I was doing some search and found out that the exact name of this condition is pronation, or pronated foot, but I am still confused and not sure what to do.
DS2 has flat feet and around 3 1/2 yo we first took him to chiro to ensure his joints were aligned. After this assessment, she referred us onto podiatrist to get orthotics. I'm not sure what age flat feet are deemed an issue, but at his 3 1/2 year old check, the mchn noticed how unco he was with walking and running and how close his knees were. Maybe mchn for opinion first?

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