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Bilingual kids? Lock Rss

Has anyone on here raised their kids to be speak more than one language? How did you go about it? Do your kiddies get confused and mix up their languages? I'm just curious.
DH is from a big italian family and I was born and raised in France. Right from the start we have spoken to our children in Italian and French. We moved to Australia 11years ago, so we have taught them English as well since than.
My kids are half Greek half Australian.
When they reach 5 years (start of school) they start attenting Greek School once a week.
My lad is in his first year, however does not get anything confused and being so young they pick up languages so easily. Their minds absorb so well.
I think it is good for people to know other languages. Plus, it looks good on resumes etc.
We live away from the city so we can't really get any outside help in teaching the kids their languages.
My kiddies picked up the different languages pretty quickly, although I do find the younger ones slipping between languages, starting a sentence in French but ending it in English ect.
Basic signing is used at home too (my youngest daughter has poor speech due to GDD)
I live rural. We've a mixed community here, so Greek is pretty common.
Italian isn't as much and French even less so. They don't really teach those around here either. Cities/Towns should offer so much more in this area. I absolutly LOVE that my little lad is learning a second language. I felt so proud at his Poimata recently when he told a poem.
I think, the older they get, the easier they differentiate between the languages and start to pick up where and when they ought use each one. smile
We planned to send our kids to Korean school after school one day a week but DD1 refuses to go and I tried to encourage her, but i'm not going to force her.

For us the priority was learning english and getting it right first.

DF was born in Korea but he and his brother prefer to speak english and do to each other. They both speak fluent Korean as their parents speak little english.

I really had to bite my tongue when they said that I should go to night classes once DF gets home to learn Korean so that I can communicate better with them! (They expect the same of my kids) WT??? They have been in Aus. for close to 35 years!

My sisters BIL (and her Hubby) is Greek and althought both his parents both spoke fluent english, they were so set on him and his brothers learning to speak Greek that they didin't ever speak english at home.

He was thrown in the deep end and went to his first day of school not being able to communicate with anybody and stood there and wet himself as he didn't know how to ask where the toilets were! This would probably have not been the case if he had gone to kindy/preeschool as they are much more caring and pay more attention to these things. Where at school, they are expected to stand on their own two feet a bit more. Probably moreso in those days too.

Luckily for my BIL and their younger brother they had their older brother who sat and drilled them on how to ask to go to the toilet and a few other basic questions

DF was thrown in the deep end and sent to school not speaking a word of english too, but luckily for him, he escaped wetting himself or anything too embarrassing.

Frenchkiwichick wrote:
Hi, I was born and raised in France and moved to New Zealand 8 year ago, so I am fluent in English and French. DF speaks English. We have my parents here in NZ so they talk to my son in French a lot, he understands both languages. He's 2. We just try to switch from language to language and tell him both words when teaching him new things. He things it's really funny when my partner tries to speak french smile

That's so cute!

I thinks it's great that you are teaching him both. It's just not the same situation for us as english is a first language for both of us. Although DF did learn Korean first, after being in Aus. for almost 35 years and mainly only using it when communicating with family, well actually his parents and his parents friends, he just prefers to speak english plus finds it rude to speak any other language other than english in public. I think he is a little bitter about being thrown in the deep end as a child.

Our kids do know the basics like hello, goodbye, thankyou etc. but nothing too complex.

I've noticed that there are a few toys around that now have french and english. There were some that I bought for DD1 and a few years later I noticed the same toys but they now had english and french. Why not, I say!

I homeschool my children in NZ and we use Maori and english, but I am currently learning Scottish Gaelic online and my 9 year old is learning french online, she is picking up things I am learning as I speak most of it out loud and to the baby. We are learning off the BBC website.
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