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Speech delay in 21 month old Lock Rss

Our 21 month old seems to be a little behind in his speech. He says basic things (mum, dad, baby, doggie, baby, yay) and babbles phrases that sound like 'what's that' and 'ooh yum/yeah'
He makes lots of different sounds like he's trying to say something but we can't make sense of it..
But that's as far as his vocabulary extends. We read to him daily and talk to him as we do daily tasks telling him what things are etc. he seems to understand what we say to him if we tell him to sit down or don't touch etc
Before anyone asks, he does use a dummy, but only for night time.
What are others opinions? Do we see a GP for speech delay or go straight to a speech pathologist/paediatrician? Do we need a referral?

TIA ????

You will need to speak to your GP for a referral, you will probably get a referral for a speech assessment.

But I'm not sure if/when they would be concerned. We didn't get a speech referral for our daughter until her three year check up and she wasn't saying anything. Lots of babble- no words. BUT that was a lot of useless GP's telling us she was fine before I took her to a good one.

Do the kids have 2 year check ups? I cant remember. If he does- would you be happy to wait just those few months and see if he picks up his language? It can happen over night. I think my dd2 wasn't really speaking all that much at 2 and then suddenly at about 2- 2 and a half she was having full on conversations with people.

Hi Mandy042 ! Can you tell me what exactly you read to your kid?
Daniella39 wrote:
Hi Mandy042 ! Can you tell me what exactly you read to your kid?

We read him first word picture books mostly.. Almost like
Flash cards in book form. Working on basic words such as; car,
Truck, bottle, banana, orange, pasta, drink etc. Each book has a theme... Animals/food/ basic first words/clothing/numbers.
I want to buy him some little golden books but his attention span doesn't seem long enough yet.

I guess I'm just doing the bad mummy thing here and comparing him to other children around the same age as him.. These kids do however attend daycare and/or have older siblings so I'm not sure if that has helped their speech more than it has our son?
He doesn't have another scheduled dr checkup until 4yrs now, but I'm sure we will be paying them a visit before then, and if nothing has changed by his second birthday I will be seeing one for this issue..
Thanks for the replies smile

This post was done a couple of weeks ago and may have some helpful stuff in it? Although it is for a 17 month old rather than a 21 month old, but I did do a pretty big post in it of guidelines to look to according to a printout I was given, that to be perfectly honest, is a little too long to rewrite it.

Good luck
my youngest dd turns 2 in 12 days and is saying around 20 words, and a Cpl of 2 word sentences. She is our fourth child and dd3 was a late talker, but was saying more words and making longer sentences by the age of 2. She is now a little chatterbox, and we are able to understand nearly everything she says. After reading Wooden Spoons post in the previous forum im thinking I might have to get her checked again. We have been told going public will be a 12-18 mth wait previously when we got dd3 checked. Hope it hasn't gotten any longer sad

I was always worried about my ds speech but just recently he has turned into a little chatterbug and I can't shut him up! He is 3 in August so he took a while to get going but once he did there was no stopping him. He now counts to 10 by himself (and can recognise numbers out of order too) and speaks a lot.

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