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not eating much and not growing Lock Rss

Hey guys we took our 15 month old in to the doctors for her needles and check up we found out she is just above been underweight and not grown enough on the graph, they have a feeling its because she is not eating enough, she has her bottle and weetbix ive only just starting her on bread again as before she was gagging and spitting it back out and she wont eat anything else apart from yogurt she has teeth but im not sure if she doesnt wanna chew but she wont eat anything else help please also she wont eat veggies or potato?
Sorry to hear you are having troubles sad I feel very lucky that my girls are not picky eaters. I have always been told that sometimes very bland food puts toddlers off! It happened to my very own daughter smile I normally sauté my daughter's veggies or purees with a bit of butter or extra virgin olive oil or a pinch of dried herbs (oregano is a favourite!). This website also helps me a lot - it gives great ideas and recipes for healthy and tasty baby food combinations, according to age, allergies, etc. I find it a great tool. After they turn 1, you can use a tiny winy bit of salt sometimes (but very little) too. Are you giving her fresh bread or toast? I find that fresh bread tends to stick more to the palate and even if it's softer than toast, it's harder for bub to chew and swallow. Try toast perhaps with mashed avocado or banana or a tiny tony bit of butter and vegemite - toast sort of dissolves better in the mouth even if they have very few teeth smile I hope this helps you a little bit!!
Hi at 15 months I don't think I was pureeing foods at all. Maybe you need to try her more on foods you eat as a family? Does she sit with you at the table for meals? Do you give her food she can hold in her hands? Pieces of cheese, fresh fruit, cucumber, tomato etc
when my daughter is being fussy she will never turn down pasta. Maybe try adding more veges to a Bolognese sauce? If your worried about gagging just cook the pasta a bit softer.
Gagging excessively should be check by a doctor though so if she keeps doing this with solid foods I would ask the Dr as there could be something else causing it.

Oh also if she likes yoghurt as a lot of babies seem to love natural yoghurt you can use it as a bit of a dressing. My daughter likes natural yoghurt with cucumber sticks that she can dip. I give it to her if we have a mild chicken curry for dinner. You can add fruit and cereals to yoghurt too.

Agree with what the other ladies have said above. My dd is now 2 1/2 and weve have feeding issues / weight gain / growth issues from birth

Despite what the doctors said try not to worry about it to much to the point where you feel pressure to make her eat more - the more pressure you put on her to eat the more anxious she will feel and it will end up in a battle and she'll eat even less . Try not to act too bothered if she eats one mouthful of cleans the plate

In the meantime an easy way to get extra calories into her is to add a little cream (which is pure calories!) into her weetbix / yoghurt / milk. Just a teaspoon so it's not to rich to put her off it
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