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underweight Lock Rss

my 21month old boy was born only 5lbs 4 and still is small for hes age he is a fussy eater and still fit's hes size 0 cloths he worrys me. When i get him to eat its junk although he will eat hes vegies but with a bit of coaxiong. iam trying to bulk up his milk to replace what he want eat during the day in the hope he will put weight on.

minna QLD 21mth toddler

Hi Minna
My daughter was born weighing 450 grams at 23.2 weeks, she's now 3 yrs old and weighs 9.8kg. She always been under the 3rd percentile. I use pediasure formula for her milk. I found with the vegies, if I chop them up really small and put them into things like spring rolls she will eat them. There are some good kids cook books around which have heaps of ideas.

Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

my daughter brianna was 1710grams when she was born she spent two weeks in hostipal she is one she is still under weight but healthy every now and again the health care nurses try and scare but i am getting use to it she is going up in weight but every second visit to the health care nurse she has not does not put on enough so i have to bring her in early the next time a lot of people i have spoke to with tiny babys have this problem it just takes us longer i think my little one is a fussy eater as well and just had gastro lost alot of weight so back to square one but i just keep trying thats all you can do

had 2 C-SECTION and a proud mum

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