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Arm flapping Lock Rss

I really need some help on this topic, I am desperate for answers.

My 2.5 year old son flaps his hands/arms and jumps up and down when he gets excited. He has been doing this since I can remember, a little baby everytime he got excited. I never thought anything of it, in fact we all thought it was cute that little things excite him enough to do this.

It was pointed out to me by my doctor that this is a sign of autism, and has referred me to see a pedeatrician. I called every pedeatrician I found but the waiting list for all is a long time. The nearest is a month. I am scared and need to know sooner.

Do any of your kids flap their arms when they get excited? I always thought this was normal, but apparently it's not. Come to think of it, none of the kids from my mother's group do this. Thanks for any replies.

Vaccines: Question what you're told...

My son was diagnosed with autism at aged 22 months he had no speech, didn't like to be cuddled social skills and very little eye contact, screaming and head banging. A year later he loves to cuddled, eye contact is a lot better, has stopped head banging and doesn't scream as much he used to, no speech although he said TRAIN and BYE a couple of times and his social skills have improved but he has still got a long way to go. It is very heartbreaking when you see your child going through this.

Little or no eye contact
Doesn't like to be cuddled
No speech or social skills
Head banging
Flapping of the arms
Blocks ears for certain sounds
Eyes fixed on a object

A child can 1 or 2 traits of autism or a whole range of them.

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My son also flaps his arms when he gets excited and jumps up and down. Especially when a tv show/ad comes on he likes, i haven't thought anything of it. I have always thought it was normal too and it could be. I just read what kiwigal01 wrote and he doesn't seem to show any other the other signs, he is only 16 months so cant say about his speech or soical skills. Though i have caught him a few times banging his head on things but i'm just thinking it's normal behaviour..

Another trait is routine isn't it? Doesn't like to be out fo routine.

Kiwigal01 if you don't mind me asking what did you have to do, now that your son loves to be cuddled, eye contact etc. I used to work witk teenagers with Autism but only for a short time before i had Lochie and i loved it.


2 yrs

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