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Almost 3 year old loves 'roleplay'. Lock Rss

My son, Ethan, loves to role play. If he's playing with animals, cars or trains they have to talk to eachother! For this reason he feels that he can't play on his own so he is continually asking for someone to play with so he can converse!
Does anyone else experience this? It sometimes drives me nuts as I run out of things to say. And he looks on me to continue the play.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to encourage him more to play on his own?
Would appreciate any ideas. Thanks in advance.


Lisa. Mum to Ethan 25/9/2000 and Ben 6/5/2003

It sounds to me that he might be lonely. Does he have any brothers or sisters that play with him. If not I think that he needs to go in to day care. I believe that he is just lonely.
Try answering him with ' what do you think think the car would say?" or similar answers. Anything to turn the conversation back to him, once he gets the idea that he can be 2 different characters he may be able to play on his own. His own imagination will eventually take over.
Some children do need more entertaining, and naturally want to have others around to socialise with. He's soon Kindy age, if you take him to a preschool he'll be able to play with the other kids and learn not to depend on you as often. Until then be thankful he wants to share his time with you - soon it will be another story!
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