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Hi, my boy has been cruising for ages now and we're sure he can walk (actually took some steps alone today), he just hasn't been interested. He's much happier climbing and I mean, everywhere and all the time. Up on a table in the study, up on the record crates on top of that, then up on the desk. He can get into his own highchair, no problem. The only way is up, any chance he gets, all over the furniture. He's always been good getting up and down carefully and we'd never leave him climbing alone, but we can't stop him!! I've asked other mums and so far no-one has had the same experience. Many have commented on his strength and he can hold himself up off the ground by his arms for longer than I could quite easily when trying to climb something. Yesterday he was climbing on the couch and deliberately falling off backwards onto his fold out couch mattress. His Dad and I aren't gymnasts, so I just thought this was natural till I couldn't find any similar tales. Now I worry that he's gonna be even more fearless than the average kid and I'm already terrified. Somebody please tell me this sounds familiar?

28yo punk rock mum of Aidan (19m)

My boys could compete in this sport easily lol!! When my eldest was 9months old he had only been crawling for 2 weeks when I found him sitting on top of the fridge!! he climbed on the couch to the bench (servery hole between kitchen & lounge/dining room) then up onto the fridge, I was petrified to let him out of my sight after that! He is a lot more settled, although no less aware of danger sometimes (he's 12 and was diagnosed with ADHD 3 years ago so doesn't always think before he acts).

My youngest is just turned 20 months and has been walking since 8.5 months. He used to love climbing onto the kitchen bench and turn the taps on from about 10 months old (would push a chair in from the dining area to climb up), gets told off constantly for sitting on the elevated bay window in the dining area, was caught standing on the windowsill talking to the birds through the window (about 12 or 14 months) and is already climbing our gates to escape!! He also loves sitting on top of his dads 4x4 or running around on the roof of it and it only takes a matter of seconds for him to get up there!

So no, you're not alone, but I don't think there are many of us who are mothers to extreme climbers!

Enjoy your little daredevil! smile

Lisa, SAHM of 3

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