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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to get my 18 month old to start talking. He says a few words like "Dog" "mum" "dad" "nanna" but i want to start encourage him to tell me what he wants. He will point to the fridge for a drink, or point to what he wants. When I get it for him I say to him what it is hoping he will copy.

Does anyone have any other ideas at all? I know he is young and his nurse said he is doing fine, but I figure it is not to early to start TRYING to teach him!
Hi there!

My DD is almost 23mths and i was reading somehere the other day that kids her age usually can say about 20-30 words. I thought DD could say more than that, so i wrote all the words she uses on a daily basis and so far i'm up to 203!! I was a bit suprised at that. That's including names too though. My GP also noticed the other day that she talks alot and asked me if i talked to her alot. I talk to her constantly - not to try and get her talking, just out of boredom - there's noone else around to talk to!!! I tell her everything i'm doing eg- i'm just changing your nappy and we'll put some cream on then we can put your pants back on. I often feel silly talking to her all the time, but without realising it i've been building up her vocabulary!! Or so the GP said. We also spend alot of time reading books and i explain everything to her. I'm not sure how true this is but i just thought i'd let you know!
Good luck with it all,

Caree & Xanthi, 2 1/2 already!

Hi Carab

I am in the same boat - my daughter turns 19 mths in a few days and sais the basic words. She points, squeals till she gets what she is looking for. I tell her to use her words but to no avail. Like Caree I talk to her constantly and read all the time and she understands everything beautifully. She understands and follows through on all things we ask her to do yet no words.

What I have now stopped doing is answering for her - I found I was asking alot of closed questions so all she had to do was nod or shake her head. I am now using questions where I am encouraging her to use her words.

My MHN sais her speech vocab is all within normal age for stage and I am sure we will be looking back at this in a few months saying gosh they wont stop talking.

Camilla, VIC

Hi Carab,

My little boy is 22 months and he is quite the little talker! Just like caxa said above my little boy can say well over 200 words now as well. But he is also my second child. I have a 3.5 year old daughter as well who talks non-stop! But I also talk to my son all the time and when he used to point at things I would say "Do you want... (for example) a drink?" and if he nodded or pointed I'd say can you say "drink?" and if he tried to say it I would praise him and give him his drink. Also through out the day I will ask him questions... "Can you say car?" and if he said the word or at least tried I would praise him and make a fuss. Now days he surprises me with the things he can say... at 21 months he asked me for a SANDWHICH! People often comment on how clear he is when he speaks. I think it just comes down to being spoken to on their level and using repitition. Mind you my daughter on the other hand was much slower to talk and didn't say much before she was 2 years old... every child is different.

My daughter is 35 months old and can say over 3500 words. She started reading words at 33 months. I taught her sign language before she could talk so I knew what she wanted, such as a drink, food etc..

There's some great dvd's out there. One is called my baby can talk, another is called baby babble.

Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

Hi Carab,

my 19-nearly-20 month old is very similar - lots of pointing at things, although he is starting to say a lot more words just in the last couple of weeks. I have been trying(!!) to get him to tell me what he would like rather than the pointing thing... but its hard sometimes and we do get a lot of tantrums because of it. Also i think it is very normal for them to do this - well child health nurse thinks so anyway!

Jess Hobart

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