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Peanuts Allergy!!! Lock Rss

My son has very severe peanuts allergy (+++ positive). I feel very stress and sad. Because I have pay more more attention for his daily life. I feel very exhausted. Please sharing their feelings with me.


I know how you feel my son is allergic to several things which included peanuts,cashews,milk,potato,dust mites the list is endless i have to watch everything my son eats .
How old is your son?
hope to talk soon

Jenny,Sydney, my son is 11.5 months

hi guys after one year on a list to get my girl tested im finally there...she has a severe peanut allergy it starlet of with hazel nut and now every thing the contains traces of nuts........she only put it in her mouth and swells up with in second and tiny rashes all over her body and straight into emergency.........its sad because the other day some had bought her a kinder surprise and she took a bite to get the toy out and broke out.........I just rule all every thing the contains nuts or traces and inform family and friend also

emili 24/02/2005

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