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Oprah! Lock Rss

Did anyone watch the Oprah show on Motherhood?
I thought it was interesting, especially when it got a little "heated". It seems to me that the American way of life is quite demanding to keep up with, ie. self image, kids social and school activities, peer pressure. Does anyone have an opinion on this? Do you think we live in an easier society with less social pressures to keep up with the "Jones's"??

Lydia,SA,Mum of 4 & 3 yr old boys!

i watched it a couple of months ago and found it very depressing. the way she shows about all the things that are hard etc of having children. she didn't really touch on the fact that it is great. I think tha Americans put too much into their self image as well. but look at all of the women she showed they weren't really from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. t wasn't true enough for me to believe

qld,19 mth girl

Glamour, glamour, glamour...God it's exhausting! Back in my hey day I thought I had it tough then! If I only knew what my friends who were in the midst of babies were going through. How do we take the pressure off of ourselves to perform and "appear" to be successful Mum's?? I am trying everyday to stop and think what is best for ME and MY family. Why do we feel that if the house is spick and span with ALL toys neatly packed away that we are a SUCCESS!!?? What really matters are the lives of these beautiful little people that we are raising. What do they see in us that they want to emulate?? Now it's late and I'm getting too philosophical...anyway here's to another day of glorious Motherhood! 0;-) Cheers!

Lydia,SA,Mum of 4 & 3 yr old boys!

Hi Lydia,
I watched it and thought pretty the same. I couldn't believe some of the women on the show and am so glad that we live in such an easy going country.
I love being a mum and thank my lucky stars for having such an opportunity to raise a wonderful child. The first 6 weeks were really hard but now I can't imagine life without her.

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

I think a lot of it comes down to money and the "american dream" which creates false and unrealistic expectations. Over here we just get on with raising our families and trying to be good parents - never mind the image part!
On the other hand, their welfare system is different in America and there is a real stigma attatched to being a welfare recipient. We accept government assistance as a way of life and realise that staying home to raise your children or going back to work is more about personal choice.



I too found this particular show very interesting. I think people forget that parenting is a very individual and unique experience. I love being a mum but I would have to admit that I have had some VERY trying times but certainly would not trade these in for anything. I would have to honestly say that I don't think us Australians are far behind the Americans when it comes to keeping up with the Jones'. I don't think we are as obessed but there are social pressures. I do agree that we are more relaxed in our attitudes and therefore far more easier-going with our children. I just wish these shows explored women from a variety of backgrounds and views from all around. It was an interesting watch!

Happy parenting to all! God bless Australia!!!!

Nae, Qld, SAHM with DD 7yrs, DS 5yrs & DD 22mths

Hi, i have seen that show twice now and loved it, i loved the woman that said that she found motherhood a breeze and i could see exactly where she was coming from. I have found it so wonderful, yes there have been frustrating times, as im sure we all have had, but thats what motherhood is all about, (god, husbands can be just as frustrating if not more!). What i found interesting was that fact that they all relied on family, they said how you should let your family take the children so you can rest, what a load of bull. I live 600k's from any family, our son is 10 mths old and i have not had a day with out him, my hubby is a shift worker so a lot of the time im on my own, not once have i wished someone would take him from me for a while, every second i have with him will never be enough, if i wanted to sleep in or go out for nice meals i wouldn't have had a baby.

Austinn's mum

I am so glad I read your response. I have seen that show twice now & agree with everything you have said. You took the words right out of my mouth. I have an 11 month old son & I have not spent a single day without him. My family & friends say that I am doing him a "disadvantage" by not leaving him with them/people, as he will become to clingy. I disagree. I adore spending every minute of everyday with him - he is my world, my beautiful little man. I agree with you, is you want sleep ins etc, don't have kids. There is nothing I love more than waking up to my sons smiling little face & his outstretched arms wanting his morning cuddle! There is more to life than sleep ins & dinners.!! U GO GIRL!! If you would like to chat more my email is [email protected]

Nome, QLD, 4yr old girl, 9 mth old boy.

I saw part of the show you are all referring to thought it was very interesting. It's nice to see that motherhood is being given credit for being one of the most important/hardest/rewarding jobs on earth. The differences between American and Australian social culture is quite different and I for one am glad we take a much more laid back approach to life. At the end of the day, everyone is different, everyone has different styles of parenting, different expectations in life and whilst many of us strive to achieve the same goals many of us take different paths to getting to where we want to go. I do believe that many things in life are based on perception, life is 1% what happens to you and 99% what you make of it. I am a single mum with a 19 month old boy and sometimes I've felt the strain and have allowed it to get me down, but with fantasic friends and family around for support and the ability to give myself a good shake up from time to time, I am totally enjoying my new role as a mum as aposed to a oversocialised workaholic. I moved away from sydney and to a country area so I could afford to stay at home and raise my son, and also be close to my family whom I had been away from for 15 years. It would be easy for me to sit back and review what I "gave up" in order to do so, but I chose to see it as what I have gained in doing so. We are extremely lucky that our government support allows us to make this choice. With regards to how we gauge our success as mothers, my goal is to just raise a happy, confident child who has the courage to follow his dreams.

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