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[email protected] plainland qld

Hi again

My 2y 4m old is still having bottles for milk. I haven't even thought about taking them away from her, I have tried milk from a sippy cup but she doesn't like that to much. You just needed to do what you think is right. I am trying to get rid of the dummy at the moment.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

Hi, the way i managed to get my girls off their bottles was to let them throw them out themselves, that way they know they are gone because they did it. I will do the same with my youngest when it is time.
My eldest was 4 and a half when we took his bedtime bottle off him, at the same time we took my middles ones, he was 2 1/2. Ocassionaly though now both will want a bottle as a confort thing, and most times we agree.

All children are different, i didnt mind mien having the bottle s for so long, as it wasnt worth the stress on either them or us to go without. If all it took was a bottle for them to be happy, than thats what they got. (im not talking about all the time etc, just when it came to sleep or them being unwell).

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

well i've been told by my son's speech therapist that it will slow there development down for talking and chewing. so the sooner u get them off the bottle the better. slowly though if u take them off too soon then they could have problems later on down the line. its all up to u but i am choosing top take mine off the bottle now and he is 2.5 yrs old.
my son now 2y 8m hasn't had bottle for 12 mths. He had gastro once and vomited up his milk and never wanted it again. Trying water in his bottle, so he had a drink for sleep time, took a while, but eventually he got used to it. Our problem now is trying to get him to drink any milk at all! I think letting them have it for as long as they want is important. It's what's good for them that counts.

Emma, 2 boys 1 on the way and still smiling

Itook the bottle off Zoe when she was a week off turning 1. islowly weened her off it, so she was drinking her milk during the day in her sipper cup, then when i had no formula left, her night time feeds came from her sipper cups too. the first couple of nights she wanted her bottle but if your firm then it should be ok. now she doesnt miss it, and she is loving drinking from her cup.
its not good for them to have the bottle after 12mths as it pushes on their gums and can ruin their teeth., now im just trying to get her off her dummy!!!!!!!!

Leah and Zoe (2.10.2003)

Hi my little girl is 2.7 yrs and is very attatched to her bottle i see no reason to stop her even though the health nurses tell you not to give them bottles over 1 so let your little one go your only a baby once

bec 7 and 6 + 6 weeks preg

My boy Jake stopped having a bottle at 12 months old and it didn't worry him at all. But he still has a dummy and is know 20 months old. I think the latter you leave it the harder it is to get them off the bottle or dummy cause as they get older they understand things alot easier and get attached. "If that makes any sence lol". It's up to you when you wish to have your bub off the bottle there's no pacific time day or place.
hi this has nothings to do with taking the bottle away but when is a good time to stop the formula and go to the regular milk, as i am not sure when to take off my daughter who is now 9 mths.
my son was one yesterday and for the past week he has gone from four bottles a day to one. I hope in a weeks time he will be off it all together. It doesn't seem to be bothering him although I thought it would because he doesn't have a dummy. As for introducing regular milk, it is advised at six months you can use it in cooking etc. but not to replace the formula with it until 12 mths. That is my dilemma at the moment, Lochie doesn't seem to like regular milk much so I have to do half milk half formula for the moment!

My babies are all grown up sad

hey this is about when to start ur baby on normal milk. if u r breastfeeding and wish to stop then it is ok to go onto cows milk but if u r with formula then it is recommened to give cows milk at 12mths. it is so much easier once they r on cows milk

Leah and Zoe (2.10.2003)

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