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Big, fat Lock Rss

Hi all,
Not sure where to post this will do smile

Anyway, my little man (I use this term loosely as he's not that little lol!!) has very large and wide feet. In the past few weeks he has started walking well by himself but my problem is I can't find shoes to fit him!! I don't want to have shoes on him all the time as I know that this isn't the best for him but when we go out I would like him to be wearing something other than socks so he doesn't slip and so he gradually gets used to wearing shoes too. He's already in socks that are meant to be for 3-5 year olds but I can't find any that have those non-slip thingys on the bottom.
I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I have been to Target, K-Mart, Big W, some shoe stores etc. but can't find any shoes that are wide enough to fit his feet without being 3-4 sizes too big for him. I don't really want to spend too much money on shoes as they grow out of them so fast but if anyone knows where I can get my hands on some it would be very much appreciated. Thanx smile
Hi Kel,

I don't actually have this problem with my daughter who has very long skinny feet. My best friend however has a 2 1/2 year old boy and an 11 month old girl who both have very wide feet, a trait passed to them from both mum and dad. The only shoes that she can find to fit her little boy are Nikes. I know it sucks doesn't it, he wears better sneakers than I do smile but these are the only ones she can get to fit. As far as the not wearing shoes all the time thing goes she was telling me only yesterday that she was told by a clinic nurse or someone that you are better off getting their feet into shoes as much as possible once they are walking because their feet will spread even more once they start walking around. I don't know how true it is but have you ever noticed how your shoes always feel funny and a little tight when you start wearing winter shoes again after a summer of thongs?


Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

Hi Jebs mum,

I have the same problem DS feet are wide and the shoes that feet are too long. I decide not to by shoe and just put socks on until now because its getting colder. We found clarks shoe that fit and cost $50. Not very happy that I had to pay that for shoes has I don't think they'll last very long. But what are we to do. I cant let little fellows feet go cold.


DS 13months


If Jeb has just started walking I suggest you take him to a specialist shoe store. I took Nina and they watched her walk and said she was not ready for shoes yet. It had someing to do with the fat pads in her feet and the bones not having shifted yet.

When it comes to shoes I think you need to be sure that they are fitted properly and ready for footwear.

I take Nina to shoes and socks, they only sell children's shoes.
Hi There Jebs Mum
Not sure if you have solved the problem or not, and not being sure of what part of Queensland you are from, I thought I'd suggest a store at Chermside Shopping Centre (on Brisbane's northside) called "Tammy's". It is a specialist kid's shoe store that sells a pretty good range of shoes for kids - ie they measure your kid's feet and fits the appropriate size - for length and width. They may have other stores in other locations so may be worth doing an internet search.

Anyway, good luck.

James' Mum

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