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my little girls dad and i were both born with blond hair and now both have dark brown hair, but our first child was born with very red hair, wondering if this has happened with anyone else and anyone knows anypossible reasons for this happening, i love her hair as its beautiful and different and am just wondering what could of happened??
My brothers girls are the same. We were born with blong hair which with the ages has gone a dark blonde and his wife was a dark blonde but their 3 girls are all red heads. Apparently it can go back a few generations on the fathers side. When we looked into it apparently on my fathers side back a couple of generations there was red hair, and it has croped up on my brothers side as my DD has blonde hair (what hair she has). When they told me with each girl born that she had red hair I jokingly said 'what colour is the milk mans' until we went back through the generations and found this out.
Hope this helps your curiosity.
hey my son has strawberry blonde hair, Im a brunette and his father was white headed as a child but eventually turned brunette as well. No history of anyone in my family with ginger hair, but his paternal grandfather is a bit gingerish lol.

Jess (22), Chris (22) and Kaden (22 mnths)

Must just be one of those things. My husband comes from a family of six kids, 5 of them being blonde as kids (most have now darkened up somewhat) and one being really dark-haired. My best friend in school was from a family of four kids -one blonde, one light brown hair and two with black hair. My sister's best friend is a brunette while her younger sister is a blonde. (We all went to this friend's 30th fancy dress birthday party and laughed as the brunette went as Marilyn Monroe with a blonde wig and the blonde went as an American Indian with a straight black wig).

James' Mum

We had exactly the same thing! We were expecting a blonde haired blue eyed baby, but got a hed head much to our surprise. I've looked back through both our families, and my great grandmother had red hair and my husband has a cousin with red hair. I think that you both have to carry the gene to get a red headed child. I think it's a 1 in 4 chance for each baby you have once you both have the gene.
The thing I found was that people always asked me where the red hair came from and made milkman comments. Was funny for a bit but got on my nerves after a while.
Now every time we go to the shops, somoeone stops us to comment about the beautiful colour of her hair, as it's turned a deeper reddish brown now, but is still definitely red, just not a carrot red unless she's in full sun.
I was shocked at the colour initially and wanted it to turn blonde, but now I love it and it really suits her. It's more the pale skin that goes with the hair that is a concern to me. We are a real outdoors family and spend a lot of time in the water or boat, so we have to be so careful and make sure we keep her covered up or plastered with suncream. She is also now is in the habit of putting on her hat before going outside.
I just hope she doesn't get teased at school, as kids always seem to go for the child that's different.

Paula - mum to Tiffany Sept 05, #2 due 11/4/08

Hubby & I both dark haired! A total suprise having a red haired brown eyed olived skinned baby girl! All in the genes that's what we put it down too!
Hi - I'm not sure how all this works. My mum had dark brown hair and my dad's hair was black. There is no red hair in any relative on either of my parents side whatsoever (unless it's way, way, way back) and myself and 1 of my sister's have red hair.

My DH has dark brown hair and I have red hair. We have 3 children - all of whom are blonde! My sister's DH also has brown hair and they have a daughter with black hair!

So I'm quite confused...can you tell? lol


DS 14, DD 9, DD 2

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I've got a gorgeous red haired girl of 2. I had blonde hair and DH had light brown's not a 'throw-back', it's genetics.

I seem to remember high school Biology telling me that if both parents carry the recessive gene for red hair, then there is a possibility that the baby will have it.

So all of us lucky enough to have red heads, it comes from our family....It's genetics, not a 'throw back'.

Hi everyone,

My DH has dair brown (nearly black) hair but does has a bit of red highlights in the sun. I have a mid brown but my kids- DD is identical to my DH and my DS, well he has a dark red (almost auburn indoors but is like a firelighter in the sun LMAO)

My MIL has the same but DH is her first born and my SIL is auburn.

I do have red haired ancestors in my side but a different red (they are all light red) IYKWIM


I love his hair but do get sick of being asked where it comes from....

Jo, DD 7yrs dance addict; little man 13 months

My oldest boy has strawberry blonde hair and has done since the day he was born (now 18 months) his father has been blonde since day 1 and I have had very dark hair since the day I was born. My youngest son (5 1/2 months) has dark hair and his fathers dark eye lashes, he still has time to lose his dark baby fluff and go blonde which I have a feeling he might?!

AKA- 2_little_monkeys or 2 little angels

Isn't it wierd,
My partner and i were also born white blond (and were until teenage years) and have since turned brown and very light brown.
our first daughter was born with red hair and we could not believe it,
our second daughter has quite dark brown hair and
our new bubs has blond hair.
i would never have guessed i would have 3 children with completely differnt hair colours, i thought they would have all been blond.

Freaked2002, 3 girls 07/03 09/05 & 06/07

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