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Dec 2004 kids Lock Rss

I thought I would start a post for mums with bubs born in Dec 2004. Is there anyone with bubs born in Dec 04?

What are your toddlers up to now? How much do they sleep? Do they talk alot? (if they are anything like mine they talk constantly) Have they been chucking a few tantrums? What food are they eating now?

I would love to hear from other mums and what they have to say about their Darling toddlers

Mother of 18 mnth old DD, NSW

my little boy was born the 3rdf dec 2004. he was 5 weeks prem. he talks heaps but you can only understand half of it . He eats every thing we do and have only found one food he doenst like. strawberries. He doesnt drink much milk as he does not like it. but loves water.
hello my daughter Ellie was born 3rd December 04 and is 10kgs not sure on height and is non stop talking most days its"where's daddy?" "daddy at work in car" "where's Madddy?""Maddy at sc hool" and this goes on ALL day long but as being number 3 has to compete with big sister 6yrs and big brother 3 yrs so has to talk to be heard I guess. Is a little turkey and gets into trouble all the time.


Belinda,Qld,3 children(1 in heaven)

Ellie is up anywhere between 6am and 7am, has brekky then cup of milk(still warm)no more bottles! then has lunch at 10.30am and in bed by 11am wakes aroung 1 or 2pm then plays till 4.30opm then dinner with brother and sister then in bed by 6pm, the other 2 are in bed by 7pm, maddison is 6yrs and Lleyton is 3 yrs.


Belinda,Qld,3 children(1 in heaven)

Hi everyone. My son was born on the 1/1/05 so he just a day out of dec 04! Luke is my 1st and am due on the 6 oct with no.2. Luke still doesnt talk much, wish he would hurry up, gets frustrating for both of us! He is getting better at pointing at what he wants but so that helps. He is becoming the master of temper tantrums but! He is another water baby too, has had swimming lessons since he was about 6 months old. Good fun for both of us! He eats pretty much anything which makes life easy but if he had the choice he would just live on fruit!

Danielle, mum to Luke 18mths, 27 weeks with no2

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