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After such a successful birthday post thread I figured I would keep the ball rolling for anyone with an August 2005 baby. It was so great to hear about everyones little ones and I would like to continue doing that.

The update on Kaitlyn is as follows. She isn't walking and isn't showing any real interest in wanting to. In fact everytime I stand her up at the table or whatever she starts to get all whingy and crys until you put her down again. Weird. She is coming out with new words all the time and has what I think is a pretty good list going including daddy, puppy, apple, bookie, ba (bath), pa, hi, bye, teddy, bubba and poo. smile. Still no mummy but I'm guessing that in years to come I will be sick of her saying mummy, mummy, mummy. smile

Besides the fact that she now refuses to let me brush her teeth (never had a problem with it until now), we are having a pretty smooth run which is really nice. It gives you a chance to brace yourself for the next change.

Anyway, I really hope this thread takes off and we continue to share about our little ones milestones.

Take care and hopefully hear from you all soon.


Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

Hi Kaz,

Well Zechariah is cutting his 4 eye teeth now fun not, he has also shown no signs of wanting to walk but guess he will when he is ready, He waves bye now and blows kisses. He can say mum, dad, bub, ad ( for his older brother Aiden), ta and others we are not quite sure on. I had him weighed today and he has lost 500gms in 2 weeks so he now weighs 9.7kgs which is scary because he hasn't been sick or lost his appetite. He is now drinking out of a sippy cup for all drinks.

Glad Kaitlyn is doing well hear from u soon

Hi All,

Thought id pop in to say hi!

My little man just scrapes in as a August 05 bub!! We had a wonderful birthday party for him and he had a great day.

Aiden has been walking for about a month now and he loves it, I have found he is so much happier now he is walking.. Not good when he has to sit in the pram at the shops!!

Aiden is saying a few words including Mum, Dad, Nan, Nanna, Pop (bop), Ta, Hi, dog & the new thing for this week is "Oooo wot dat?" It sounds so cute when he says it.. I could figure out where he was getting the Oooo bit from until DH pointed out that I say it to him all the time.. Just habit I guess!

Aiden now flat out refuses fruit and veg, we were going pretty well with it but not anymore.. Hopyfully he will start eating it again in his own time.. Not a huge fan of meat but loves mummys home made veggie rissoles!

Take care everyone


Hi i have a son who is 13 months old his name is brayden, he has 6 teeth 4 at the top and two at the bottom.He isnt walking yet or even standing without holding on to anything but he can walk around pushing stuff like his big brother on his car and chairs etc.My older son didnt walk till he was 15 months so i think that brayden wil prob be the same if not later.He still isnt sleeping thru the night wakes every two to three hours for a feed but i think that is probably my fault just a bad routine i have let him get in to.I need to do the controlled crying program with him but have not yet had a chance i did it with my older son when he was 11 and a half months and it only took four days.But i am moving in a couple of months so both of them will be disrupted so i figure i might aswell wait till then so i can get him into a good routine and not have to disturb it again plus its a big move for the boys as we are moving away from there dad not breaking up just he is staying where we are at the moment for work and im moving 4 hours away back to where my friends and family are.

Brayden only says a couple of words mum dad and ba although sumtimes it sounds like he says that and whenever the dog barks he makes a noise along with it.He finger feeds himself with everything but breakfast as weetbix is just too messy when i have to get out of the door to get kids to school.He has a sipper cup he drinks out of and is still breast fed.He is just a little boy weighing just over 7kgs and still in ooo and 00 clothes my older son was exactly the same.

Well goodluck everyone with your preganacies i think you are all very brave having bubs so close together.take care


step ds 18/04/2001 ds 20/06/2003 ds31/08/2005
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