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Late Talker Rss


I was wondering if anyone can offer me any suggestions/reassurance?

My son is 20 months old and says 2 recognisable words - mumma and dadda which he has said since about 9 months. He also says "doh" (for dog) and "bir" (for bird). He seems to understand most things we say to him and can point to all his body parts when asked. I also dont feel there is anything wrong with is hearing as he can hear us whisper to him or when we are behind him or out of view.

I have seen my baby nurse and she has referred us for a hearing test just to make sure.

Can anyone offer us any suggestions to help improve our sons speech?? Please?! I am not sure if I am being a paranoid mother or if I should be concerned? What have others found with their kids?? Is he just a lazy boy?

Ethan 22 months SA

I'm not sure what other toddlers are saying but my daughter is 15-months-old and says... these are the clear words- mum, mumma, dad, dadda, bub, bubba, pop, nan, hello, bye, doll. She's says alot more but instead of being super clear they are just things like "dat" which means "that" and the list goes on.

I'm not sure if your boys a late talker as when i'm around other toddlers they don't really talk much.

But I do know a little girl that is 1 month younger than my girl that isn't saying anything at all but it's because she has an older brother and he does all the talking smile
Hi there,

My daughter is 23months old and can talk pretty well has to many words in her vocab than i can count. Im not here to prag, promise.

Im just wondering if you give him enough chances to talk??
Do you ask him puestions that dont have yes an no answers??
Do you read an sing to him??
Today my daughter heard a song for the first time an she recognised a word in the song so was saying that word everytime the song did, it was really cute.
You might find hes one of those kids who dosen't talk for ages then all of a sudden says like 10 words in one day.
my daughter dose that from time to time.
like last week she said 5 different words in one day but i noticed they all ended with the sound "k".
Maybe that could be your starting point.

Hope i helped a little.
Good luck

Frances,Sophie 2 3/4 smile


I also have 20 months old daugther and still not speak alot....exactly like your son!Two words are 'Daddy' & 'Mumma'. The nurse is also suggest me to do the hearing test but I haven't done it also.
I try to put her into the playgroup but still on the waiting list. I speak 2 languages with her...but I don't think it is the big problem for her to talk.
I don't know what's wrong with her....I just let you know that you're not alone. I have the same problem with you.

There my son is 20months as well and he is not saying much we listern to music we sing he is only just learnt noise and point to it and i am trying to make progress with tummy but that all the bodie parts and for the other words there is only mum ,dad , allie the dog , ish for fish , um ma , esha for his aunty alicia oh and the other day he said no clear. But i was wondering the same he dosent see many children as well so he only hears me and my hubby say things i do fill sorry for him but were i live i have herd to many bad thing at play groups so i stay clear i do try to take him out to see friends children hopeing he will pick up words but so far nothing i think he is going to be a tipical boy i think been lasy so dont worry your not alone it good to know that i am not the only one with a son not talking much .
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