Hello Everyone!!!!
Its great to hear about your darlings!
My daughter was born on November 10th 2003 (YES - another one) and she is just so precious. She began walking properly between xmas and new year. Her new dolls pram she got for xmas from her uncle helped alot. She now is picking up the speed and its so cute to watch her run.

She has just got her 14TH TOOTH and all of them were without a fuss. (Thankyou god!!)

She loves to give everyone hugs and kisses particularly to her brother, Liam, dad and baby cousin, Hayden. All the mums at school thinks shes gorgeous as she walks around the pre-primary room looking for Liam with her lips puckered up.

Congratulations to all of you expecting your second. Another one makes life alot busier but also alot more enjoyable.