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Toddler phobias ??? Lock Rss

Hi, Just wondering if anyone else has a toddler with a phobia? My daughter will rarely go outside now as she's recently became scared of ANTS! lol, it sounds funny but is starting to worry me as she gets hysterical when she thinks she has an ant on her. I have no idea how this developed either as she's never had a bad experience with them??

Any ideas?

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

my daughter does the same thing with lizards, it was driveing me crazy. they would poke out of a step, which was the main entrance to her preschool (she is 2) and she would just start screaming before I had even stopped the car there to get her out.
At first we used to say "RRRaaaaaaahhhhh" at them to scare them which she thought was quite funny.
Now we slowly say good morning to the lizards as they are sunning themselves and welcoming all the little kids to preschool. I told her they come out to say "Hello Georgia are you coming to school today".
Have you tried (thats if you want ants collecting) one of those ant houses and turn them into a little game for her, could work, maybe.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

I don't know if you would call this a phobia, but my 3 year old use to be scared of any loud noisey machines, ie, vacuum cleaner, blender etc........As soon as he would see it come out of the cupboard he would run outside. To this day he still runs outside when I vacuum my floors, but eventually comes inside to help, he is slowly getting over it, and the blender, well that is okay now, it is only the vacuum cleaner that he really hates. It is kinda strange though, cause he loves to help vacuum floors, he even has a vacuum cleaner of his own which he puses around the house behind me! Strange kid I think!

my son, has this thing about thinking everything will go down the plug hole in the bath, i know it is normal for toddlers to be scared of the plug hole but he takes it to extremes, you have to take all his toys out, the none slip mat as well as anything that may be sitting around the bath before you can let the plug out!! i guess all toddlers are different and all have some sort of fear.
Liam is 19mths, his phobia was beetles. He would run away screaming if he saw one! (Big problem when you have a Christmas beetle invasion!)
I solved it by putting them into a plastic jar with the lid taped on. He could look at them and they wouldn't 'get' him! Now he loves them. Only problem is he now likes all bugs and creepy crawleys!
He also had a fear of the water going down the drain, once we explained a few times it was the bath slurping he was cool about it... Though he likes to slurp now too...

Em Tmba - mum to Liam 31/7/03 & Callum 7/5/05

hi my older son,now 3 1/2 y.o used to be scared of talking and musical toys. He would hide and he's face would be as red as a tomato.He only started touching them just before he turnd 4.
Even now if he watches t.v and something comes on like, for ex. the shark from NEMO he slowly starts to move away from t.v.
I suppose they will grow out of it.

mother of two vic

like most kids at this age my daughter was convinced there were monsters in her wadrobe and under her bed which made bed time really hard. shes just turned 4. so we have convinced her that monsters dont like mirrors so she has a mirror under her bed and one in her wardrobe and we also told her that they dont like folwers so i decorated her bed head in some fake flowers it looks great and best of all she has MONSTER SPRAY
we gave her some flower air freshner and every night when going to bed she gets to spray it once and theres no way monsters will come anywhere near her now..
kids are so gullible but it really has worked like a dream.

My 21mth old got scared of our chickens because they once pecked at an apple she was holding. Everytime she wanted to play outside she insisted I go with her. If I left her to hang clothes out or something she'd stand in the sand pit shaking her arms up near her face screaming and hopping from foot to foot "Chicken Chicken" When it got so bad that she would run away from the back glass door if she saw one I taught her to use the water spray bottle and squirt them. I also would catch a chicken and hold it near her. It took a while but eventually she got over her fear and now she chases the chickens around the garden with the spray bottle.

Like the others suggest try to introduce ants to her in a way that empowers her and/or interests her.

Karin,VIC 3yr old 5 yr old

Post deleted by administrator.
Hi everyone, my daughter hates the vacuum cleaner too. We have a hand held one which she doesnt mind but if we get out the big vacuum she goes running and screaming. My husband was in the garage vacuuming the car and she was in her high chair and she still freaked out. If we leave the cupboard door open at all and she can see it she quickly shuts it. If we are in a store like Harvey Norman or the like and she sees them shes points and says "oooooo" and wants to go away. I dont know where it came from as I use to carry her around in her rocker when she was little and the noise of the vacuum would make her go to sleep. Another thing that is concerning me at the moment is the bath. She use to love it and couldnt wait till the end of the day to have one and it was a mission to get her out........Now its a mission to her in there. She hasnt had anything happen, it just all of a sudden was something that she didnt want. I have tried getting in with her but still its no good. If we do manage to get her in there bath time usually only last 5 mins if that. Just enough time to wash and shes out of there. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what should I do.

2girls plus one

I have found our two year old goes through phases for no reason with the bath so we offer a shower instead. The shower has no toys but one of us has to get in with her. I find if its the attention she wants its a shower --if she wants to play the bath full of toys is irresistable. I have given up wonder why as she used to LOVE her bath too.
Wez do have a problem though now. About a month ago we went to my MIL and their cat who will never be domesticated, ran accross the room from nowhere and attacked her legs. It didnt hurt her badly but scared her my MIL yelled at the cat a natural reaction and that scared her more. Now we cant get her into our backyard as we have the worlds friendliest (deaf so never afraid of kids) cat who lives outside exceot at night when she sleeps in the garage. I cant even hang washing on the line without her cling screaming. She shuts the door that goes into the backyard to make sure the cat cant get in. The sad thing was they were really good friends the cat even sat on the otherside of the boatswing and they would swing together. Its hard when they get so upset by something.
Any ideas?

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

Today my 20 month old boy was laughing away at the intro to the doctor Phil show( familiar face) then all of a sudden he screamed and bawled his eyes out. I dont understand??? Oh yeah,, the vacuum cleaner and blender set him off!!!

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

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