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how much does your 20mth old weigh Lock Rss

Hi Everyone
i have a 20mth old who is 12.5kg. seeing if anyone else has 20mth old and how much do they weigh.
Does your 20mth talk much. benjamin speak hes own little lanuage but knows how to say mum,dad and couple of other things but really doesnt talk much.

anne, benjamin 1/1/05, matthew 18/07/07

Hi there,

My daughter turnes 20 months today and i just measured her and she was around 84 - 85 cms and i think she weighs around 11 kgs. My little one is s chatter box she does not stop at the moment she copies everything i say so i now have to be extra careful with what i say. What other things does your little man do?
I have a 21 month old who weighs 20kg and has done so for about 4 months now. He just keeps growing taller. He is about 95cm tall.

As for the talking he too only says the basics, mum dad, nan, bub and a couple of pet sounds.


My nearly 21 month old son weighs about 12.5kg and is 97cm tall.

He doesnt say a whole lot at this stage, mainly mumma, dadda, do (dog), bi (bird), ba (bus) and all go (all gone).

He is a very placid child who also speaks his own language! Swaheli I think it is!!!! He isnt a parrot yet, more interested in sitting and watching/listening. Very active and loves the Wiggles, puzzles and books.

They are so much fun at this age and very entertaining!

Ethan 22 months SA

hi my son was 2 in may and is now just on 9.4 kgs! He seems small to me what does everyone else think? He is a great talker and has been ever since he said mum and dad at 11 months so no problems there thank god! One less thing to worrie about with him. Also he is toilet training and had been for about 2 weeks and he is always in normal big boy undies all day except for sleeps and in the 2 weeks since i first showed him the toilet he has had about 6 accidents is this normal? How is everyone else going with toilet training as he is my oldest and i am not sure what normal is yet? Thank you for your opinions

boys 5 and 3 years i love my little men

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