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wearing shoes Lock Rss

I have a 14 1/2 month old daughter and trying to put shoes on her feet (sandels) doesn't happen. She rolls up her toes and gets very upset. But she wears little ankle/gym boots. Has anyone experience this before and if so, any suggestions?


Chris, 2 year old

Hi Christine

Try a little talcum powder on her feet. Some sandals are really quite hard on their little feet, and the talcum powder just helps a little to put them in.

If that doesn't help, try finding some little soft foam sandals, just until she gets used it them.

Good luck : )

Full time mum to Sam, Levi, April and Livvy QLD

I couldn't get my daughter to wear any shoes other than the soft pram wear at 11 months. She would get upset and carry on but I really wanted her to wear shoes for her first birthday.
I would put the shoes on for only a few minutes at a time and would try and make it a fun activity like hold her hands and let her run in them with me or dance, then I would take them off. These were things I knew that would cheer her up so you might like to try things that make your little girl happy. It only took the 3rd time for her to keep them on without a problem. Good luck.

Jenny, NSW, Girl born nov 02.

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