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Selective clinginess Rss

Hi all,

My LO is now 15mths old and she is super clingy when I do housework especially cooking and the dishes. She'll actually physically put her body between me and the sink/stove and push me away from the it! She'll whinge and whine and cry until I pick her up or walk her to her play area where i'd have to sit with her whilst she amused herself. It's funny because she is ok with me vacuuming and will follow me all over the house without causing a fuss...I'm expecting another baby in Feb and would like to resolve this before the new baby arrives...!
Should I just leave her to cry and whinge whilst I finish my chores or is there a better method?


Annie, NSW, Emmy 13/6/05, Aidan 11/1/07

Hi Annie,

It sounds like you just described my daughter Kaitlyn. Every night when we are cooking dinner she does the exact same thing and moves herself in between my legs and the cupboard, sink, stove etc. I have tried picking her up but then she never wants me to put her down. She only does it at dinner time and I know she is getting tired, cranky etc but it doesn't help when you are trying to get things ready. I have tried putting her in the highchair so she can see what we are doing. It didn't work for us but maybe thats worth a shot with your little one.

I have started to use this time to put on her Brainy Baby DVD in the loungeroom. She nows wonders in and out of the kitchen and loungeroom as she watches her DVD and then comes back to see what we are doing. It doesn't work every night but it does stop the whinging a little bit. Other than this I have no other suggestions.

Good luck.

Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl


My daughter is 16mths and she went through a similar thing about 6 wks ago. All of a sudden she just wanted to be carried all the time. If I left her with my husband she would scream. But if he left and I stayed she would do the same. She would hang off my legs and want up all the time. I asked around and was told that its an age thing, and that they grow out of it. (Didin't make me feel any better at the time) But she did, and she's now alot better. I started to try & get her to help me with things. Like putting things away or getting me things.. Seemed to side track her abit. But mainly she just stopped by herself. So with any luck They'll just grow out of it.


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