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Hi, my son was in the top percentile for height at birth till 9 months....recently I got him checked and he is just below average....
That means that my son has grown 1-2cm in 3 is that possible....I thought babies were continually growing at a steady rate...

Anyway, Jai seems tall compared to other babies we that makes it all the more stranger...

Any info on when growth spurts happen on average would be helpful....hubby and I are stumped as to why he is suddenly below average.

Cheers Em

Mum to Jai and Chase!

Hi Em,

My daughter Taylah did the same thing, for about three months she grew about 1cm and put on 100grms, which brought her down from about 60% to 20%. She is now back up to 90% for her age, height and weight.
I did take Taylah to the doctor and a peditrician while this was happening but they assured me she was all ok and that yes babies will go through growth spurts, we are all different after all. But I guess if it really concerns you take him to the doctor.
Oh Taylah went through this between 8 and 11 months old, yet her twin Hayleigh was fine and kept growing 'normally' so to speak.

Cassie, SA, 19mth twin girls

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