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Talking Lock Rss


My 18 month old is not talking as yet. I was not worried until I went to the Eary childhood centre when the clinic nurse asked how many words he can say - I told her he could only say "mamm" and "dadda". She said I needed to watch him closely. Should I really be worried? Should I look at speech therapy or give him a few more months yet?

Mum to toddler

Hi Sammie

Our child health nurse said that by 18 months they can usually say 6-20 words, but like with everything they are all different. She said as long as they understand what you are saying at this age - such as simple instructions not to be too concerned, as if they can follow simple instructions they can obviously hear you. They worry more if they aren't talking by the age of 2. I wouldn't worry too much yet. Did the nurse give you any ideas to help encourage him to talk? Maybe go back in a month and talk to her again about his progress so you can put your mind at ease. I hope this has helped.

Don't stress about talking just yet. Boys do tend to take a little longer than girls. I've been told that by the age of around 5 most kids are about the same developmentaly. Some take their time for different thing (talking, walking, etc.) but they all get there in the end.

He'll probably shock you one day by saying some really cute' long sentance like "mum I sure do love ya"
Thank you so much for the re-assurance. I just need to relax a little and just enjoy him at this stage rather than worry myself sick about him.

Thanks agin.


Mum to toddler

I've noticed a lot of kids go from saying nothing at all to saying everything in a very short time.

Jordan started off speaking early, then just seemed to new words for what seemed like months. Not sure when it changed exactly, but now at 3 he talks up a storm.

A friend of mine was worried about her son's speach, as all he said was "mum" and "dad", and they were told to keep an eye on it. I went to his second birthday a few weeks ago, and I couldn't believe how much he was talking! It had only been about a month since I had seen him, yet he was completely different!!

The most amazing thing with toddlers is that it doesn't matter what prodding they get from their parents....they will do things when *they* are good and ready, and not a second before!! smile
With toddlers its very much a case of "I'll do it MY way" don't you find. We just get to lose sleep, stress, pick up the pieces and when were very good get the kisses and cuddles

At 2, my son spoke only 16 words. He now goes to speech therapy through the local Community Health Centre (for free) as well as to a Developmental Paediatrician.

These are the suggestions I have been given to help him along:

* speak in 2 word sentences repetitavely, focusing on one word at at time eg. blue CAR, CAR go, CAR stop, CAR brum.

* get him looking in your eyes when you talk to him.

* get him into daycare at least 1/2 day a week so that he has to communicate.

* make sure he doesnt walk around with a dummy in his mouth, only use them during naps.

* hold objects next to your mouth when you tell him what they are called.

* use simple words eg plane, not aeroplane.

* speak clearly.

* when you play with him, narrate EVERYTHING, but use simple terms.

It gets labour intensive, but I can honestly tell you that these things make all the difference. My son now tries to say nearly everything (3 months later). We even went to Brazil and he now speaks a little Portugese. Having said all that, I think he was ready to start talking. You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink. All you can do is make it easier.

Also, check the Australian Speech Therapy website - they have lots of useful info.


Heraani, Mum to Lucas (27 mths)

30-odd year ago my MIL was worried about her 2nd son because he wasn't talking much at the age of two. She bundled him up and took him off to a speech therapist but they had no suggestions so home she went.

Two months later Sam decided to speak.
"Look Mummy, those waves are undulating!"

Quite a sentence for a 2yo who had only grunted or said Mum and Dad!

If you use the correct words for everything he's bound to pick them up. I'm a teacher and it is really frustrating (to me) when parents teach their child a 'simplified' word instead of using the correct ones right away. Nothing is more annoying than "Get your bot-bot and you can have some milky-wilky"!

I'm not implying that this is what you do at all (sorry). A friend's son called orange juice "ga-ga" and so they would say "Would you like some ga-ga?" instead of using the correct words and then wonder why he wasn't learning?! Dah!

If i were you i'd give it a while longer, althoug i have heard from others that the waiting list is long. Good luck.

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Heraani's approach works!!! Give it a try. It is labour intensive, but quickly becomes second nature when you get into the swing of it. As competent speaking adults, we talk too much (information overload), we usually don't give enough time to process receptive language and then we're guilty of communicating for our kids (child: "grunt, grunt", parent: "oh, you're hungry, have a banana"). We need to interact with simplicity and explicitness - working first with naming vocab. See how you go and good luck! This approach worked wonders for my son who at 3 has now been a fluent conversationalist for about 15 months.

PS: Give the program time to won't happen in a few weeks - rather it's a language approach that with modification is communication for life.

Louise, Finlay (4 Feb, 02), Mackenzie (18 Jan, 06)

i've been getting my son to learn sign language as apart of a way to get him talking. so u sign say the item that ur child wants at the same time and get them to repeat the name of that item. for example if they want more milk u do the sign for more and then for drink and say milk instead of drink. they catch on and when they get frustrated from not talking they can u use the sign instead and they are able to commubnicate with each other.
Hi Sammie
Don't stress,my son is 18 months old as well and he only says mama and dadda.He understands when you tell him something but mambles a lot
I'm going to the health nurse on friday and see what she will say about his speech.
Im sure when they are ready they will talk.
I will let you know

mother of two vic

Don't worry they will know when is the right time for they to talk. Take it easy .
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