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Thank you all so much for your stories and advice. I feel better already knowing that others can relate to, and understand what I'm feeling.

Mum to toddler

Hi there,

I was just talking with a few friends recently about this. A friend of mine (a doctor) said that boys are usually HEAPS slower than girls to talk, he actually called boys "verbally retarted" in developing their speech when compared to girls.

The main concern with speech devlopment, is to make sure that they have no hearing problems - it is extremely important to pick up any hearing problems early. Otherwise, while some of us may be slower than others, I guess we soon all manage to talk don't we!?
My daughter is hearing impaired and therefore she has to wear hearing aides for speech development ( which she has been wearing since she was 4 months old ). We also use AUSLAN ( Australian Sign Language) at home because we have to, not because its fun!!! Her speech therapist told us an 18 month old hearing child is only expected to say one word!!!! Its not until they're over 2 that they will try and put more than one word together, and yes boys are lazier!!! You all should probably try to relax about it because all kids are different and develop their milestones all in their own good time, and they all get there in the end! Sue

Susan twinmum boy/girl Oct 2003

Hi i wouldnt worry to much at all because as soon as he does start he wont stop! HAHAHA My son is 18 months and he can say a lot of words he talks all day and some times in his sleep hahaaha. Every child is different enjoy evey moment while you can.
My child health nurse was very shocked by how much my son can say as she said the same as alot of the mothers on this post that boys r heaps slower than girls. All child health nurses say so many different things sometimes i dont know who is right. Go with your instinct but i think he is fine my nephew is 2yr3mth dosnt say much at all i think he says about 10 words.
Good Luck n dont worry smile
Hi all,
My son is 22 months and only seems to say the first syllable or the first letter of the word, and gets really frustrated if we try and force the words on him. I was also thinking of taking him to a speech therapist or get some sort of advice but I feel like I'm being impatient or something. I know he can hear me loud and clear, and when he wants to he can communicate a lot more, but I guess I've heard the question from one too many people lately - "does he talk yet?", so I think I'm getting a little frustrated with others. I will try and follow Heraani's suggestions 100% and see how that goes.

Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

my son is 17 months old
he is tryin to say 'pooh bear' but it doesnt come out very well
apart from that he probablly say nothing.... he talks a lot in baby talk though
he used to say mum dad and nanna at 11/12 months... but he soon got bored and stopped saying them

im not "worried" but im getting a "little" concerned lol.... ill give it another 3 months then take him to CHN
i know he will in time
love mel x

melissa 20 w.a. perth 16 month old son

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