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Worried about weight re:clothes Lock Rss

Hi! This is a continuation of the Worried about Weight topic. My baby boy is 15 months, 9.5 kg and he is still wearing mainly size 0 clothes and some size 1s.

Size 1 pants seem to be way too big for him, and don't stay up. The legs are too long and the waist is too big. Most of the size 0 pants the waist is perfect, but the length is too short!

Tops and t-shirts seem to be ok, but some size 1s are too big, and size 0s fit perfectly. I guess it depends on the brand of clothing.

It seems like he has been wearing size 0 clothes for many months, since he was about 9 months old. It makes it really difficult to know what clothes to buy ahead of time.

What have you found with your baby/toddler clothes, and how do you get around it?

SA, 2 boys

If all brands of baby/toddler clothing were the same size, it would be a great start!

Jordan (turned 3 in Jan) is tall and lean, but he has quite broad shoulders. In shirts he wears a size 2-4, which can be quite baggy, but needs the bigger sizes for the length.

Shorts he wears size 1 or 2, but he still has some size 0's that fit him perfectly.

I can't buy clothing sets, as either the shirt is too small, or the pants too big.

It isn't too bad being summer, as long shorts are "in", but come winter I have to buy pants that are a size too big to get the length, but generally I have to fold the waistband over and stitch it so they don't fall down.

In winter I stick to mainly overalls, as the straps can be adjusted, and hems rolled waistbands to deal with smile

Hi - My son is 20 months old and still mainly in size 0. In tops he is starting to get into 1s but definitely still 0 in pants. I bought him all 0s for winter last year and most were still too big for him then so I won't have to but too much for this winter s they are all still brand new. I find target clothes are really big compared to everywhere else.


My son has the opposite problem. He is 27 months and too tall for size 2, but even the size 2 are too big around the waist. I go to Pumpkin Patch and buy the pants with the adjustible waist.

I find that KMart clothes are really big in the waist and short in the legs. The Target clothes arent as bad. The PP clothes arent that expensive - usually around $25 for pants.

Heraani, Mum to Lucas (27 mths)

I have the same problem, Paige is 13.5 months & 8kgs, she is the right height for her age so pants fit her in length, but end up falling down on her, she wears a lot of size 0 but they don't fit her around the waist at all.
I have been putting Paige in a lot of Bonds stuff as I find it is smaller in size & if you go to their warehouse or outlets you can get stuff for a lot less.
I have been recently putting her in her old 00 leggings when we are at home as they now fit her as 3/4 length pants, as she is wearing out the knees crawling everywhere.
I have found that Pumpkin Patch has a lot of pants & skirts that are adjustable, we were able to get a few pairs of jeans in the sale for half price that should be 3/4 but are fitting Paige as jeans at the moment & taking in the waist so that the fit her better.
I have a 23 month old son weights 13kg and is still in some size 0 and size 1 as well. I would not worry to much

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

hey Jelli
where is the bonds warehouse ... or outlets?? i love bonds babywear!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064


Everyone seems to laugh when I say this and don't believe me, I have a 3 1/2 year old who wears size 4 pants and size 5 tops, don't know if that is normal sizing for his age, but his cousin who is nine weeks younger is in size 3's........ By the way he weighs just over 20kgs!

yeah he must be a big kid, my babies need to wear a size 3-4 pants and a size 3-4 top everything is big on there waste my kids still only weigh 12.5 12.9kg and they are 3 and a half tomorrow. my sons height is 106cm and my daughter is 100cm so they are tall hanse the 4 clothing not for weight but for height...
20 thats almost my 2 together at the same age... wow
good luck
love jacqui
[email protected]
I have the problem that they make top holes to small for my sons head. Think he has a bit of a boof head as I always have trouble with them going over it always have to buy a bigger size for the head but then the arms and waist is too long. Except with the tops that have the buttons they have on the side. I only buy them from now on Pants I seem to have the same problem is they fit him nicely round the waist and the length is too short also. Im still trying to work out how to solve the pants issue. My sons 13 months..

mum to Jacob 22/3/04 Liam 5/2/05


My son is 21 months and he is in size 2 tops and pants. He is even growing out of some of his size 2 tops and i am having to put him in size 3 but they are too big for him. I find that targets sizing is bigger than other places. I have a few few pairs of target size 2 pants that a bit big around the waist but i just put a little belt on him and that works fine.

I also find the top holes a bit too small my son has a large head and sometimes it is a bit hard to pull his tops over it.


Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

I too have a big headed baby my partner suggested we open a "big headed baby store" lol. My daughter is 16months and 13.6kg she has been this weight for the last 3 months she is in 2-3 size but there is such a varience even within the same bland ie pumpkin, and my 9 week old is already 6.5kg and in 000 + 00. Must breed them big i think.

Cathy S.A, girl Rylee 07/01/04+Lachlan 03/03/05

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