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Headbanging Anything!! Lock Rss

I'm in a little bit of a fluster in what is happening with my son. Everytime he seems not to get his own way, he starts to bang his head on walls, floors, chairs and anything else that is near by. If anyone can possibly give me some advice on how to stop him from doing this or whether this is normal for a boy aged 17mths, I would be grateful. Not only is he hurting himself, but I'm also hurting for him.....

Kahlie, QLD, 17mth boy

Hi you arnt alone my son has done this from the age of 13months i use to take notice of him and comfort him and all that but he did it more and more, so i ignore him now (dr's & child health nurse advised this) he still does it but no one near as much apparently that is a stage some kids go through its not ADD its just a kid being a kid if you r real worried talk to your dr but my advice is ignore him if u dont pay attention its not as fun for him anymore.
Good Luck let me know how you go.
Thank you so much for your reply. He is still doing it but is realising that we aren't paying attention anymore and stops after a while. I'm just glad that he isn't the only one doing it......

Kahlie, QLD, 17mth boy

Hi Kahlie

No you are not alone!! I actually posted something on headbanging a few weeks ago also, and realised that there were a few people out there as well dealing with it. My son, who is 22 months, has been doing it for at least the past 2 months, to the point where I thought he is going to concuss himself either on the floor, wall, gate, cot rails, anything and everything. Some days I would be in tears as it sounded so bad and I didn't know how to stop him or help him etc.. Everyone's advice was to leave him alone and he will learn that it will not achieve any kind of attention - even negative attention, so my husband and I started doing this and asked everyone around us to do the same and guess what - IT HAS WORKED WONDERS - so far!!!!
He hardly does it now and when he does I just walk out of the room or busy myself with something and not even look at him and he stops within seconds, and sometimes starts to laugh!! So he has proved that it doesn't hurt him and he finds it like a game. I guess you need to be persistant and get as much people around you to do what you're doing so he learns consistancy and eventually (as well as with age) he will learn that it gets him nowhere.
Good luck - and keep us informed.

Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

Hi, my 15 months daughter does it too! (is this normal for girls too? ) I find it hard to ignore her when she does it because everytime when she bangs her head on the floor or wall or tv carbinet, she finds it hurt and cries with screams. So I have to attend to her immediately. I have no clue on how to stop this. Everytime she bangs, she is not only hurting herself but hurts me too.


Lucy, mum to Stephanie-12/11/03

my 15 mo twin girls will bang their heads as well. WE ignore them most times but if they're dooing it on the tiles i just move them onto the carpet area without saying a word. When one bangs her head on the TV cabinet I don't rush to comfort her but i do have a quick glance at her to make sure that she's not hurt. Some bubs bang their heads for attention, out of boredom, for fun (eg banging head on the window or sliding door). As long as there's no blood and they haven't passed out then just ignore it.


My youngest twin bangs his head - I am sitting here typing this to the sounds of my baby boy banging his head on the side of the cot. I know ignoring it is the best way, and I try and do that - but I really hurt for him too. I am sure this is just another "test" of motherhood. Sounds like the advice posted has worked - so I will persist.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

Hi all
I would just like to thank you all for the support on this matter. It is hard watching Jak do this, but I am trying to just let him do it and ignor what he is doing. Mind you he is still doing it.......but no where to the extent that it was happening. I will persist with it.

Kahlie, QLD, 17mth boy

hi all,

Thankgod we can all share on here, my son is really bad with head banging and has been for about 6-8 months. the worst is when someone leaves the house to go out, he stands outside, waves and as soon as they're out of sight drops to the ground and bangs on the concrete!!! so we've taken to waving from the window or mummy holding him to wave. he also does it when he doesnt get his own way and we ignore it when he does if for attention.

Hope you kiddy's stop it soon

My son is about to turn 1 and has been headbanging for the last 2mths. he starts with just a light tap with his head on the floor then he starts banging it hard and always hurts himself. He will bang his head on anything. If he accidently hits his head on something that also seems to be a cue for him to start head banging. i was wondering if there was something wrong but if other kids are doing it, I won't worry about it!
Glad to see I'm not the only worried one...
My little boy head bangs as well when he doesn't get his own way. He's just 2yrs old. I walk away and ignore him and sometimes have a giggle to myself (I can't help it-he looks so silly) because I've told him no to something. He won't do it often, but that's probably because we ignore the behaviour.
I think that this is someting that all babies.toddlers do, as my 16 month old does this when he dosent't get his own way
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