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Headbanging Anything!! Lock Rss

My son who is now 18 months old has been hitting his head on our timber floors for the past couple of months. He does this when he doesnt get his way, so he has a tantrum which includes the headbanging. He does it until it hurts him and he ends up crying (also gets bruises on his forehead)..I walk away when he does it, which does work, but should I comfort him when he crys(from hurting himself)? I would hate to have this go on for along time...its so awful to see him doing this...
Just an update......
Jak has finally stopped doing this, It took a while and alot of patience, but it seemed to work.
Jak too got a lot of bruises but I always walked away when he started doing it and when he calmed down that is when I gave him cuddles and comfort.
Jak is now 19mths old so I'm thinking it was just a faze he went through. The odd tantrum starts and when he goes to head bang something he just stops himself cos I think he realises that it hurts when he does it now.......
Take comfort in the fact that it won't go on forever and it was the hardest thing I've also had to see.

Kahlie, QLD, 17mth boy

Hello Kahlie, It is normal, I had my son do that, and he 19months. I asked plunket if it is normal and they said yes. I asked how do i stop him from doing it. They said just not to pay any attention to it as it is a attention thing. So i didnt pay any attention to it and within 2 weeks he had stopped. I know it is hard to ignore it was for me to. It really does hurt to watch them do it but be strong.

2 boys

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad I found this topic.

My 17 month old has started doing this and it's HORRIBLE!

At first I tried to ignore it but it was so hard and I would hear her bang her head on the side of her cot or on the top of the safety gate and had to stop her. Now she knows that it's going to get her attention.

I guess like everyone has suggested we'll just have to perservere with trying to ignore and hope it stops soon.


Mum to (Olivia 3 Feb 2004) & (Emily 26 Jan 2006)

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