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2 1/2 year old obsessed with her nipples.... Lock Rss

I am wondering if anybody else has this problem... I have heard that most kids will go through a phase of 'discovering themselves' and playing with their bits, but my little girl is not obsessed with downstairs, she is very into her nipples!! Now this has been going on for about 6 months and is only in the privacy of home. When she is tired her little hand wanders up under her top to her little boobies and she just gently strokes her nipple. I know it sounds a bit gross!! It brings her no enjoyment, she does not react in any way, it just weirds me out. I have tried to stop her, or we make a joke about ' no boobies please' and stuff but it keeps happening. If she is aware of you watching her she will stop. I do have an 8 month old baby that I still breastfeed, but she has not ever really shown an interest in that whole thing so I don't think my breastfeeding has bought this on.
Does anybody else have a child that has done this??

Emma NSW 04/04 Lucy 03/06 Molly

Hi Lucy,
Sasha always rubs her chest and tummy when i take her top or dress off when getting changed or ready for bath. The other day it was hot so she was just walking aroung in nappy and she was walking rubbing herself, but not in a gross way, it must feel nice to them. Sasha is 15 months old.

I joke with Greg(DH) that she takes after her grandfather because my FIL stands there talking to you rubbing his tummy.

Some things are a mystery? I don't think it's anything to worry about.

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

My little girl does this too, she's only 2 and has been doing this for a few months but only when she's laying down and having her bottle. I have not been worried about it and think that this just soothes her.

Lotus-Jade's mummy

Hi Emma

I thought that this was the cutest post i have ever read!!!
What a cutie!!
Well, as far as it beng of concern, at this age and this point i would do what your doing. Dont make a huge issue of it but encourage her to find soemting else to do for comfort. maybe she finds them soft-does she like soft textures like a satain blanket? maybe get her one and teach her to sroke that for comfot?
Also, if she were a boy-at 2 they get thier hand down thier nappy and stoke thier little friend which is a lot harder to watch i gaurantee!!!

I think its a good thign that its only at home, but yeah, maybe try and replace the comfort stoking to a blankie or something?

Oh by the way, I have a baby Molly who was also born in March of this year-SNAP!!!

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

My daughter is almost 2 1/2 yo and loves playing with her own nipples. She too gently strokes them and I think it is definately pleasurable to her. She has shown great interest in hers and others bodies and notices things like mummy boobies when she see me getting dressed or in the shower. She has since made the link that she has has boobies or nipples as she calls them...and will often lift up her shirt to look at them.

I try not to make her feel bad about this and ask her does it tickle....she giggles and says yes. I then encourage her to tickle somewhere else like her toes. If I notice her doing it a lot I just ask her to put her shirt down.

I don't think it is something to be concerned about.
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