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How much does your 12mth old weigh? Lock Rss

Hi just wondering how much your 12 mth olds weigh, my little boy weighs 9.9kg and I was told he is underweight and needs to gain more....He has plenty of meals throughout the day but eats small portions. I have also been told to put him on a toddler formular because cows milk doesn't give him enough goodness.
Hi chubbubsmum,
I also have an underweight son, although he is 16mths old and only weighs 9.8KG! He has always been underweight though as he was premmie. I have also been advised to put him on toddler formula, which I have (s26 Toddler) and although I haven't seen a change in he's weight gain (been about 3 weeks) after reading the tin I did see the benifits to having him on it as its full of vits and mins that he might of just needed to boost him up abit. It's hard not to worry about their weight and what they eat but I guess they eat what they need just like we do. I've been told kids wont starve themselves. Hope it helps to know your not alone.

Melissa. QLD. Matthew 13/11/03 Amy 29/04/05

Hi chubbubsmum
My son is 22mths old and he only weighs 10kg.We have been told that he is underweight by the community baby clinic but when i took him to the drs he said as long as he is healthy and doing normal things that he is fine not to worry about it.He eats all day and drinks plenty so i guess it just his make and build. I wouldnt worry to much about it they all catch up in the end as long as they are healthy and playing everything is ok.
By the way my other son is nearly 5 and is only 14 kgs hes fine. I hope this help you put your mind to rest but dont stress

kim NSW 4 yearsold and 20 mth old

Hey there
My daughter has just had her 1st birthday 2 weeks ago and she weighs just under 9kg. She has always been on the slim side but I've never been told that she is underweight. She is in the 25th percentile for her height and weight and has been in that bracket since she was about 4 months old. She has 3 good solids meals a day with about 3 bottles and snacks. The CAFHS nurse tells me she is just fine, just going to be a petite little girl, which I think is good. She is healthy happy and active and thats all we can wish for her.

Tracy, SA, DD 15/3/04 & TTC #2

Hi all,

I have a 14 month old boy and he weighs 11.25kg. He is a short little boy (takes after mummy) and has plenty of fat rolls....quite cute really, until you have to lump him around on your hip for awhile!!!

I think as long as they are healthy and eating okay then it shouldn't really matter what they weigh. Gosh they will have enough time to worry about weight when they get older.


Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

Hi all,

I have a 14 month old and he currently weighs in at 11.25kg. He is a short little boy(takes after mummy) and has a few little fat rolls....quite cute really, that is until you have to lump him around on your hip for a while.

Anyway I think that as long as they are healthy and are eating okay then it shouldn't matter what they weigh.....Gosh they will have plenty of time to worry about weight once they hit their teenage years.


Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

Sorry all about the double up message.....having computer/internet problems.

My husband works with computers so you'd think they'd be working perfectly. Never the case!


Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

Thank you all for your replies. It does help to know that I'm not alone. My son is very active and happy and I guess eats only what he wants to eat, so I'm not going to worry about it, unles I see a change in his behaviour... thanks again!
My 14month old weighs 11kg which is a little above the weight of what he should be, but then he eats the normal amount of any other child his age.

Naomi, WA ~ DS 5yrs ~ DS 14months

i have a 17 months old girl she weighs 7.4kgs.

her birth weight was 568 grams so im not worried in fact that is just great!

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Riley just had his 12mth check up and weighed 9.8kg. I was told that this was the middle of the range so seems that he is growing nicely.

Linda - mum to Riley 13.04.04 (#2 Due 29.12.05)

my daughter is almost 13 months and only weighs 10 kilos.

?Anni? QLD, Mummy 2 Courtney & Madisyn040.05)

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