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How much does your 12mth old weigh? Lock Rss

my baby boy was 11kg when he was 12 months old.i changed to toddler formular from 12 months for about 3 months.he is drinking cows milk.

wendy,nsw,18mth baby

Hi there, just wanted to add that you should not stress about your childs weight especially when they are eating and are not sick. My daughter is nearly 18mths and isnt 10kg yet, I am not worried as I am quite small myself. She has spurts of growth and sometimes doesnt put on weight for a few months. Sometimes I just think that the child health nurses need to think about what they say to people. If a child wasnt eating properly then I would be worried. My daughter is still on a formula and will be for some time due to some medication she needs to take. The formula just gives her system the extra goodies that she needs right now. She isnt on the toddler formula though as that has so much sugar in it.

2girls plus one

Has anyone tasted the Karicare gold toddler formular? Its disgusting, I think it's worse than the follow on formular!
Are all the toddler formulars this bad? and yes, I think the toddler formulars are sweeter than the follow on ones.
Hi again, most of the toddler formula's have vanilla flavouring, which I think is wrong as real milk doesnt taste like vanilla, so of course there are going to be problems when changing to real milk because it tastes so different. I havent actually found one that doesnt have heaps of sugar added, so our daughter is still on her follow on, but we have started mixing real milk with it, so we dont have to buy so much. At the moment she has about 2/3 formula and 1/3 milk.

2girls plus one

My girl is 12 months and weighs 9.1 kg. The nurse says they are supposed to triple their birthweight by 12 months, and my daughter hasn't quite. However, we are not concerned because she is also short, only 72cm. I am giving her 1/3 toddler formula and 2/3 milk.
My daughter is 12mths 2weeks old and is 12kgs and 81cm tall.. is eating 3 meals and 2 small snacks and at least 1 sipper cup full of water per day.. and is having 3-4bottles of cows milk per day also.

Mel, Mummy to Krysta 07-04-04 and Chloe 10-11-06

My Son was 11kg at 12 months old and I was told he was perfect, if anything overweight for his age hes now 22 months and 13kg but a real fussy eater must be getting enought though

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

My daughter is nearly 13 months and weighs about 8.6kg and 74cm tall. She is a happy healthy little girl, so I have no concerns about her weight. She eats like a horse, I think she is going to grow up to be one of those girls we hate, being able to eat anything and not put on weight!!!LOL
Ive kept Ashleigh on formula, but probably will switch her to cows milk soon, she eats a wide variety of food. Chubbubsmum keep your little man on formula, only you know your bubs, do what you think is best for him and try not to worry about what other people say!

Jordan 7/3/01 & Ashleigh 5/4/04

Hi Everyone,
My little boy is 12 mths old yesterday and I had him weighed just a week ago and he was 9kgs and is 74cms long, the nurse was concerned that his head size of 48cms wasn't right for his weight, but I am taking him next week to my own doctor and get them to check that out. He never puts on much weight between visits, but he has 3 -4 bottles of formula each bottle being 180mls, plus he is eating 3 solid meals and fruit/biscuits inbetween, so to me he is eating fine but these professionals sometimes worry us over nothing, so i wouldn't be too concerned if your babies seem underweight by the books. My daughter too was very small, at 12 mths she was only 7.7kgs and was 70cms long, they use to always worry about her, but she was very healthy and now at 4 years old she is only 15kgs and is 94cms tall, she is just very petite and small, in which I think my son may be the same just he has much longer legs than my daughter has had. As long as your babies are healthy and you know yourself they are eating okay, don't worry!! Each child is different in how they will grow!!

kids grow at different rates the only time that it should be a concern if if in your blue book the curve goes from the 50 percentile down to the 3rd or up to the 90th if it is a continues growth stop worrying.
[email protected]
I used to worry that my bub was underweight and not eating much but he is very active and reading this post it seems there is such a wide range of 'normal' so long as they are eating and happy we should be happy as well. He eats alot more now too! He is just 12 months and is 9.1kg and 76cm.

Suz, NSW

Hi Susan,
I just had my little boy weighed yesterday, he is now 9.2kgs and is 76cms long and he turned 12mths at the beginning of May. He also eats well and very active. So I would say my little boy is about the same as yours in weight/height. The Baby Clinic told me in mid April that my son was putting on the weight slow etc and was concerned but I saw my doctor yesterday and she said my son is doing well and not to worry. I was looking in my daughter (who is now 4 yrs) blue book and at 12 mths she was only 7.7kgs and was 69cms long, so she was much smaller and she is still quite a petite little girl, but she is healthy and I know my kids eat well so there is nothing to worry about!

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