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My beautiful daugther.

3 1/2 weeks
before due date
W - 6p12 (3065g) 9.6kg
L - 45cm 74cm
HC - 30cm 44.5cm
Black Hair Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes Blue Eyes

Has 2 bottom teeth, 2 top teeth just broke through this week.

Walks holding our hands, but doesn't walk on her own yet.

Says Mum, Dad, Nan and Dog.

Did baby sign language and signs milk, water, food, more, ball and dog.

Still has 2 day sleeps.
Still has 3 bottles.
Still has a dummy.

Having our needles this week....

Mum to One Beautiful Girl

It didn't come across as I thought it would.

The Headings BORN and AT 1 YEAR were separated, but they have joined together when it came across.

The words under the headings have also joined, so info at birth first and info at 1 year second.

Mum to One Beautiful Girl

Congraulations on your daughter turning 1 years old and its so exciting when you see them opening their presents and the look on their face and sounds like your daughter is very healthy.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi there
My DS:

Born / 1 year

W 4.4kg / 11kg
H 55cm/ 76 cm
HC 36cm/ not sure
Brown hair/ light brown/ blonde hair
Blue eyes/ Bluey/Grey eyes

Has 6 bottom teeth, 7 top teeth
Walking since 11 months
Says mum, dadda and ka for our cats
Has 2 day sleeps
sleeps 10-11 hours at night
has bottles - 1 morning 1 night
Loves being outdoors, cheeky, spoilt but gorgeous!!!
Cant wait for Christmas Day!

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

My beautiful girl turned one a month ago.
Here are her stats.

weight at birth 3.58kg (7lb 14oz) - at 1yr - 9.5kg
Length at birth - 52cm at 1yr - 73.5
head circ at birth - 35.5cm at 1yr - 47cm
Long black hair at birth, still very long now but brown
at birth she had blue eyes they are now hazel

She had 3 teeth at 12 months, 3 more popped through in the fortnight after her birthday
(four top two bottom)

Walking since she was 11 months old

Says mum, dad, nan, hello, bub, no - she does all the animal noises.

Sleeps 10 -11 hours at night with two day sleeps.
Doesn't have a bottle went from breast to cup at 11 months - so she has a cup of milk morning & night.
Still has a dummy

Jen, Vic DD 8/11/05, #2 due 29/5/07

Born 17 weeks early (23.2 weeks gestation)
Weight 450 grams
HC 20cm
length 31cm (head to toe)
brown hair
eyes still fused (opened 2 weeks after, blue)

1 year old
weight 5.9kg
no teeth, still like a new born

Now 3.5 years old
85 cm height
runs, jumps and does everything, very intelligent.

Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

Born 2 days overdue (induced)
W - 3.6Kg 11kg
L - 52cm 77cm
HC - 33cm 45.3cm
Light brown hair with tint of red - strawberry blonde
Blue Eyes Blue Eyes

3 top teeth at front and 2 top molars
2 bottom teeth at front and 2 bottom molars

Says Mum, Dad, bub, Grandma(or something like it)

2 Sleeps a day (Sleeps in till 8-9am usually)
Still has 3 bottles
Still has dummy for sleeps.

Crawled at 7 1/2 months walking at 11months
born 26th april. was due 14th april ( 2 weeks late)
w: 3.715kg
h: 51cm
h: 34cm (i think)
brown hair
blue eyes

1 yr old

12 teeth
didnt crawl just bum scuffed at 8-9 months
walking at 11 months
can say, mummy,daddy and learned how to clap hands together, when he was happy.

just tured 2 yrs old
w: 10.8kg
h: 86cm
can talk lots and understand more.
loves his baby brother.
sleeps in big bed.

izacc,ethan and mya

Bella Angel:)

born-16/09/06 1 Week over due
WEIGHT-4.065 kgs (8pd 15o)
Dark/Brown Hair
Big Blue Eyes
crawled @ 7months
Wouldnt have Lumpy food and only would eat custard and youghurt untill 10months!!
Drank from straw cup @9mths
Hated the bath!

Now @ 1 YR

Had First Birthday
10 Teeth and 2 almost through
Blue eyes and hair still Dark
Started walking sept 28th:)
Says Mum Dad Cat nan bub dor(dora the explorer lol)hello thanku bye etc
Now eating everything she should be:)
Loves the bath:)
Still having 3 Milks in bottle with cup teat
2 Naps per day
Sleeps in single bead
Sleeps all night
Still has dummy!!

My lil man was born a month early

Born - 1 year
W: 2.76kgs 9.8kgs
L: 49cms 78cms
Dark blonde hair Same and lots more of it

We have 6 teeth, 2 at the bottom and 4 at the top (didnt start coming through till he was 10.5mths)

Walks between us and the lounge without assistance, hasnt started walking around the house though. Most steps so far is 13. Walks confidently holding 1 hand.

Says mum, dad, nan, ohhh, yuk (comes out as uk), no, yay and tries to copy whatever we are saying.

Has 1 sleep
Still had 4 bottles till yesterday, replaced 1 with a cup of cows milk

Had needles with lots of mild reactions....

I have a 2 year old now!!

hey,Talans mummy:)
how did he go having the cows milk??
my bub had a few reactions to the needles too:(
he sounds like a
My beautiful DS was born 12th September 2006
Born / at a year
W:4.1kg (9pound) 12kg
L: 57cm 79cm
HC: 36cm 48cm
Black hair Brown/blonde

Has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth
Doesn't walk alone yet, but walks holding onto things.
Has two day sleeps.
Sleeps 11- 12 hours a night
Has 1 bottle at bedtime and cups any other time.
Never had a dummy.
Says Dad, Ta, All gone and Oh wow!

Today he turns 13 months!
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