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14 month old and not talking Lock Rss

Hi, my son is 14 months and doesnt really talk at all, except for the usual baby babble...I have read on here and other sites that alot of kids can say heaps of words by 12 months + but Jai is just managing dad, mum and car, sometimes nan...

Any ways to encourage him to talk, we read books and repeat words that are simple to him but I am not really sure if this is assisting his speech development....

Whats the typical amount of words kids at this age do say...or is anyone in the same boat???


Mum to Jai and Chase!

My child is 19 months old and says only a dew things like mum, dad, puf for a dog. Im not worried because she is very bright anbd knows what a heap of words mean.

So as long as she keeps on learning what different words mean im not overly concerned.

You know what they say "The sooner they talk the sooner they talk back"

Lydia, mum to beautiful april + girl due 16th sept

Hi there, dont be too concerned. Children develop at different rates, my daughter is nearly 18mths and she says so many words that I cant keep up with her. But she has some friends the same age that hardly mutter anything. I read heaps to her and I also talk constantly to her, telling her everything basically, its like I am talking to myself sometimes but then there are the times when she repeats things back to me and its so great.
Dont worry yourself. They will be talking their little heads off before you know it and then you will be saying to your friends that they never shut up, hahaha.

2girls plus one

Hi there

don't be to concerned my daughter is16 mths and has a 4 word vacabulary MUM, DAD, TA and HELLO (as she loves tobabble on the phone). When the phone rings she automatically says hello i think it's cute.

So don't feel to bad some babys can talk from 12 mths and some don't talk till there 20 mths. Your bub will get it when the time is right for her.

Karen, NSW, 11,3,1yrs & 3mths

My 14 month old only says a few, nan, ta, bub, bye-bye, ta-ta, woof-woof and mum mum mum mum (he says this so often that I'm considering changing my name).

I'm not worried as he responds to our conversation with his baby babble and seems to know what we are talking about. A friend of ours is always showing off what her 18 month old can say and comments on how Robert should be saying more. And I think to myself there are things that Robert is doing that her little girl has no concept of. Each child is different and I know he'll talk when he is ready.

Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

My daughter is 13 months and has quite a large repertoire of words and talks non-stop. However, she still isn't walking yet and doesn't show alot of interest in walking. My health nurse told me that babies generally focus on one thing at a time eg. talking or walking etc and so they become more proficient in that one skill before developing others. I wouldn't worry, he will probably start talking one day and won't stop - it may be just that he's focused on other things instead.

Take care

Alison, Vic, Abby 2.5 yrs, Poppy 5 mths

my son is 23 months and very rarely says dad.I think he says car(wether or not it is intentional i dont quite know),altho boys do tend to take longer than gilrs i have heard.we r putting him into daycare shortly so I am hopefull that it will help his speach.he understand a lot of things we ask him to do and he has good converastional skills(even tho it is mainly babble).

Bex, mum 2 Xander 10/06/2003 & Harmony 13/05/2005

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