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developmental delay Lock Rss

hi I'm a 29 and have 3 kids 2 girls 4 and 10 year and a boy 18 months who has what doctors can only say is a developmental delay. He has had lots of tests from bloods to urine to brain scans and no result.Is there anyone else out there in the same boat as me.
My 18 month old son is classed as development delayed too. He rolled at 10 months, sat at 11 months crawled at 12 months and has finally taken his first steps at 18 months. He has had too many tests to count, but he is slowly getting there. He is having grommets put in, and adnoids and tonsils removed on the 18 dec. So hopefully that will help him. Has your sons ears been checked as that was one of the last tests my doctor did. Good luck with your son..

sahm, to jacob12, renee 9, lukas 5, marcus 12 mths

My son had his hearing cheaked at the health centre at 8 months and failed, again at 10 months and failed again. So the nurse refered us to audio at the hospital where he failed again. So we went back again for another test with 2 ladys at the test and yes he failed again.I was beginning to think he was deaf.At 12 months he had another test this time he was put to sleep and had wires on his forehead and behind his ears to pick up nerve waves. This test proved that he can hear, one more test after this he responded to almost all the sounds except soft ones.I think he is to busy looking around to concentrate
All children develop at different rates for different things. Whenever my husband hears me comparing my little girls progress with friends and books he tells me that when she is 18 years old, she and all of her friends will be speaking, toilet trained and feeding themselves. Basically it dosen't matter if Johnny is 2 months behind Louise because in the long run they all come out even.

Fiona, NSW

Hi, he's only 18 months old so I wouldn't stress too much yet ad kids do develop at different rates. I have a foster son who is almost 4 who has "developmental delays" too. At this point they can't tell how much of this is due to his environment before he came to live with me but it looks like he has more problems than just that so they are looking at assesing him for autism or autistic spectrum disorder so we'll just have to wait and see. There have been questions about his hearing also but he's not really developmentally old enough to undergo a full hearing test.

Erin,W.A. kids 12,5,2 and 1

My son is also 18 months old and he is only saying mamma and dadda. He passed his hearing test at 6months. Then I was speaking to a friend and she said he may need gromments in his ears. I had never hear of these before and felt bad that I may have missed something. The next day I took him to the doctors and they said he has no fluid behind his ears and he is fine. Then when I took him for his 18 month check up at the nurse she was concerned and sent a form to the hospital to have his hearing checked again. I am waiting gor the appointment at the hospital as I am typing this. How did it come about that your son needed grommets and can you give me any advice or suggestions about my situation?
My sons hearing tests have all come back fine but he did not respond to low tone sounds. His delays are from being low toned (muscels) his now 19 months and still nowhere near walking he sat unsupported at 15 months crawed at 13 months he is on a large amount of laxitives because the muscles in his bowel is low toned and he can't drink water because his tounge is low tone which also makes meal time very messy. He has a high pain tolerance and has onley resently started to cry, he also sleeps for 16 hours a day as he gets tied very easily
hi shakira,
i have a boy who will be 3 in sep04 and has had at least 10 diagnosed probs. nasal regurfitation,inguinal hernia,curled under toes, knock knees,middle ear effusions and the one i am most anxious about is sub mucous cleft palate.
I have been to numbers of specialists last year and all say he is fine he has what they say "delayed speech and awkward gait.
12 months and still no answers.
however, i a attending the genetists in march who will take a full chromosome test.
my son is 28mths and his only clear word is mum, they rest is ahh na, uuu or whatever.
good luck with your search. the only advise i have is dont give up.
i was curious to know more about yours sons 'development delays'

mel,4yr,2yr,1yr boys

hi there,
My son was also developmentaly delayed he was starved for the last month and a half of my pregnancy and the doctor did not pick up on this, he was 10 days late and expected to be over 10 pounds but came out 6lb12oz and was not breathing, but getting back to the point, he was developmentaly delayed for quite some time because of this and saw a developmental therapist who was brillant, she gave us equipment and stuff to borrow and was great with him, he has pretty much caught up now but still in speaking terms is not quite there, he is taking ages to speak properly but if you are concerned go to your docotor or paediatrician and ask for a refral to a developmental specialist, ours was through our hospital and was free and was brillant, i cant speak highly enough of the service, hope this helps.
Regards Loopy Sue
i hve a friend who son only started to walk at 2 he doesnt talk much at all his mum takes him to physio and occuapatial therpy and speech therapy

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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