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Walking Lock Rss

So whose little bubs are walking around now and when did they start? My little DS will stand unaided but not walking yet at 13months- what are the signs it will happen soon and when did yours start?

DS 18November2005 DD05OCT98 DS02APR96 DS21MAR08


Our daughter started walking at 11.5 months with a few steps and within 3 days was walking on her own, shakily mind you. She is now 14 months.

You may find that they will discover taking a few steps by accident and then they go from there. It is a whole new world of constant worry when they start walking as they can see so much more and get into more things!

It is so cute to see them on their feet though.

My first son Ryan took his first steps at 10.5mths and was fully walking within 3 weeks of those first steps. Jayden took his first steps at 12mths but it wasn't until he turned 14mths that he was walking all the time so has only been fully walking for a couple of weeks now. I found however that Jayden being that bit later in his walking is a lot more sturdier in his walking and has had less falls and trips and tumbles than Ryan in those first mths of walking. Both mine spent about 2mths before taking their first steps cruising the furniture and were standing unaided probably a few weeks before their first steps as a guide though.

Let us know how your son goes, he doesn't sound too far off if he has the stability to stand unaided now.


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

my dd is also 13 months!!

she stands too and in the past week has taken a couple of steps

she actually did it herself.

i could just tell she was ready

she look very determained, and was very happy with herself when she did

but i still think shes a little while off

good luck

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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