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My 23 mths daughter is not really talking as yet. She makes sounds for different things and says about 10 words.. like Ta. mum. dad. etc but thats it. We keep playing charades.. lol.. i am sure when she does start she wont stop but just wanted to know when your toddler started talking?

Suzy, nsw 2 girls

Hi Suzy

You are not almost 2 year old daughter too does not speak alot - she too says a few words but is too lazy to talk I think. She understands everything we say to her though and tries to respond in her own way - her favourite word is "no" and she says it for everything. So if i ask her if she wants water, she'll say "no" but at the same time grabs the cup from me !!


hi my ds is 2 in a few weeks and he talks to much both my ds have talked at this age

i think you have it made believe me when they start they dont stop they even do it in there sleep

good luck
my daughter is a chatterbox. i think she started at 1.5. she is now 2.5 years and she sings all the time and chatters away. read her books every day and say the word to her and see if she can repeat it and she will pick up words from ther. i read to my daughter every night and she can say two sentences on one page. so dont give up think of different ways to interact with your daughter.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

Hi Suzy

Our daughter is 20 months and she doesn't say much at all yet either. She says Dad, Mum, Nan, Gog = dog, Bub & a few others.

She has being saying on a couple of occasions a lot of words in a huge big sentence but I have absolutely no idea what she's been saying!!! I just look at it this way, at least she's trying!!!

We are meant to be doing a 20 month assessment 'cos she was behind with her talking on her 18 month assessment but we're not doing it.

How on earth can you force them to talk when they just don't want to??? Our daughter is very quiet & very serious. She definitely takes it all in though.

We're giving her until she's 2 before I do anything like taking her back to the CHN. In the meantime, I'm just trying not to stress too much!!! Easier said than done though.

love & hugs

Kerry, WA

We took her to speech therapy over 6 weeks and it made a bit of a difference but not a great deal.

We then stopped as things really were not getting far.

Over the last few weeks, she has been coming out with a few words every couple of days. So hopefully this has untangled her tongue. She seems so much happier now as she can say words and doesnt stress as much from frustration.

Suzy, nsw 2 girls

Well I was really glad to get on here and read these posts. My 17mth old son says a fair few words eg; mum dad nanna doggy meowmeow (cat) birdie ta and more but I just read on another website about childrens development that an 18mth old should be saying 68 words! He talks heaps in babble and expects you to understand but there's no way he says 68 words!

DS 22 months DD 9 Oct 07

Maybe you should enjoy the quiet. My daughter has been a chatterbox since 18mths she was early talker, my ear has been knawn off!!! She is 2.5yrs now and sings her abc correctly and every other nursery rhyme she hears. My son I think will be opposite he is 10mths and just says the basics. Actually she will prob talk for him!!!

Jessie 08/11/04 Jake 28/8/06 Brodie 18/1/08

My DD is just 2 and talks so much she is a chatterbox. She has been talking like since since about 20 months, but everyday she is saying something new and stringing more words together. She can put about 5 words together and can count to 10, sing and say her ABC's.

But I think she is very advanced for her age. I have come across other 2yo's that do not speak this much.

If you are worried, go and see a paed or MCHN
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