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when should you start inforcing please and thank yous?

today i tried to get my DS to say "ta" for his morning milk and he chucked a major tantrum.

when and how did you guys enforce manners any advice would help greatly!!!

As soon as they can say it!!!

Well thats what i did any way. My DD just turned 2 and if she asks for anything she doesnt get it till she says please, i have also started getting her to add please to what she wants eg she sayd 'bottle' and i would say 'say please' then she says 'pease' know i am saying say 'bottle please' just to work on sentences.

As for thanks i started with TA everytime she got something, now most of the time she says 'hanx' without being told.

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

I agree - as soon as they can talk get them into the habit. I won't give my kids anything if they don't say please. When I started teaching them they would say "water" and I'd tell them "say water please" and wait for the please before I gave it to them. Then when they got the hang of that I'd say "ask nicely" and wait for the please (you still need to remind them that asking nicely means saying please until they get the hang of that). NOw all I have to do is raise my eyebrows and they add the please on. If he throws a tantrum, don't give in. Just keep telling him that when he says please he can have it. He'll give in eventually.

With thank yous, I just don't let go of what I'm giving them until they say thanks. They get the hang of it quickly. I also remind them when I do things for them to say thanks to me. Personally, I prefer them saying thank you rather than ta. I figure it's not that much harder to say and it's much nicer to hear. Plus it's cute to hear "ank oo" when they're little.

I think an important part is making sure that you use manners as well. It's not until we started with the girls that DH and I realised how little we say please and thanks to eachother - we just know it's implied.

My girls are 2 and 3 and have beautiful manners. It seems to be the only thing I've done right!
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