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21 month stats Lock Rss

My baby girl is now 21 months, and I just wanted to see what others her age weigh etc.

She is 12 kg and 81cm tall, she is fairly little, I have noticed that her weight fluctuates, not severely, just hangs between 11 - 12kg.

She says a lot of words and seems to have a new one everyday, water and cheese were yesterdays words. She understands intructions, like Time for bed, kiss for mummy, kiss for daddy, would you like breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack etc. She dances around, jabbers to herself and others constantly, and CLIMBS (that scares me baad!!). She is not a sooky girl only when very tired and is very happy majority of the time. We think she is fabulous!!

Will be interesting to see how she goes with a little brother!!

Since we don't know many around her age, just curious to see what others were doing!!

I dont know what DDs measurements are, we haven't had it done since the 18 month check up. It sounds to me like your little girl is doing really well. She says lots of words and strings them together, thats amazing.

I look forward to hearing how she goes with a little brother too - lol.

DD has finished her climbing stage, it was really scary. We got her a few toys for outside that she can climb over which helped.

I'm wondering what will be next. I suppose toilet training is the next big milestone, that is the last step before they become a big kid which just seems so weird.

Have you had a favourite stage or like us, does it just keep getting better?

Do you think you will have the 'terrible 2's?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Our Master 21 mths is:
14 kg and 92.5 cms.
He is going to be a very tall young man!!

Kel,nsw, Girl '97 & Girl '02 & Boy '05

HEY, dont they just make us so proud.
My lil man isnt quite 21months..but not far off!

Anyways he says things like 'silly mummy(daddy, poppy, narni, nanny!), Drink Please, BED!(I cant complain about that one...too bad he isnt wanting to go now!!!)
Um...He tries to sing twinkle twinkle and incy wincy spider..he sort La Las it and does the actions. He does head shoulds knees and toes and The hokey Pokey..not well but it is so cute watching him try! LOL!
This is all thanks to the wonderful day care he goes to he comes home saying new things every day! He knows all his friends and makes us all so proud.

OK so thats the good stuff..
He can also be very wicked!
Like the other day for example he went up to a lil old lady smiling the most gorgous smile and she goes 'Oh arent u just the sweetest thing' and he turned around and smacked her!! LIKE OMFG! How emabarrassing I have never been so embarrassed in my life!

It is a battle for him to go down for afternoon naps.

He weighs in at 16kilos!! And is going into Size 3 clothes..he isnt fat..just tall like me!grin

He refuses to have his hair cut so he looks like bam bam before betty and Barney adopted him!

He CLIMBS EVERYTHING! Including our TV cabinet!! :S the Window Sills...balances on the red railing...thank god he hasnt figured his cot out YET-TOUCH WOOD!

All he wants to do is be outside...He still has the one fav book from when he was 5months old!! argh!

I could be here all day! LOL! Especially with the naughty stuff he does...OH and the only food he will eat ALL of his COCO POPS!

okies...thats enough from me:D

All the best to everyone


DS-20.05.05 & DD-23.11.07

My daughter is nearly 21 months old and her weight is 11 kg and her height is 84cm and she is a very active child and always busy doing things around the house and Jaye can a few words but she knows what we are talking about when you say them to her.

She climbs everything and walks where ever we go and has to do things on her own and doesnt like anyone helping her and she goes to daycare two days aweek and she loves it and she loves the water. She is a daddy girl but only mummy girl when she is very tired or hurt etc but she is awsome child and she has grown so much and change at the same time.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi Jazmyn's mum

i have a 23 month old son Seth who at his last weigh in was 15.1kg's stands at 93.5cm's and now has a size 9 shoe

You need to take into account your height and your husbands height as well as the average for the family.
my sons dad is nearly 6 foot as is his dad, and my brother and my dad are over 6 foot

As long as she eating and learning and saying words i wouldn't worry to much. and if you are concerned ask your doctor about it next time you see them.
She sounds like a very energetic normal little girl

Shelley Seth and Baby
Hi, my baby girl is 20 months last week, and weighs 15.6kg and 89cm, she a prety big girl, soooo cute and cudly..... very tall though.. same thing- talks all day and is a joy to look after.
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