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Still in cot, nearly 3! Lock Rss

I have always been told that when toddlers start climbing out of the cot then it is time to move them to a single bed, well my daughter has never tried to climb out of the cot hence still being in it..

We are hoping to move her into a single bed, perhaps around her birthday, but i have really enjoyed her in her cot, she can't get out, and maybe because she is older when she does go in a single bed she won't keep climbing out all stages of the night...

Do you think it matters what age they go in a single bed?

Kelly, Vic, DD 07/04/04 & DD 29/04/08

I dont think it really matters, it depends on the child, my first daughter went into a bed at 18 months and was really good, didnt get out, but miss 23 months is a totally differnt story, she gets up so many times that she always ends up back in her cot, think alot of that has to do with sharing a room too though, miss 4 taught her how to climb on teddies to get out of the cot and would give her the big ones to climb on, so now only one small special toy/teddie each in the room (they have a play room for all the toys)

If you are happy with her being in a cot then thats fine, she will feel so grown up when she gets into a big girl bed and she will understand when you say stay in bed (my miss 2 thinks its a big joke)

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Nah, most things I've read and people I've spoken to said its no big deal. Can you take the side of your cot? We will do that with DD once she either climbs out, or we get preggers again and want her to move into a single bed.

As long as DD is happy, I will not rush moving her into a single bed - as long as she doesn't outgrow the cot matrice - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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