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what are your 4yr old girls into? Lock Rss

I am finding it really hard to entertain my miss 4, she has a very short attention span so we usually only get to play half a board game or memory game till she starts getting all silly, she likes writing and drawing but I dont really know how or what to play with her.

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My daughter is 3 1/2 now and likes reading, writing, collecting insects, playing monopoly, learning about planets and using her telescope. Playing tee ball, soccer, chasing me around, cleaning (or trying to), using the computer, playing in her cubby house, dancing, going to the beach.

If you run out of ideas ask her what she'd like to do, or if there is something she is interested in try and find activities that relate to it. If she has a short attention span, enstead of board games try card games like snap that are faster, but still need concentration.Good luck

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Hey mummyto1,

My daughter turns 5 in May and I find it hard to play board games or memory games too. She has a short attention span but, she has just started prep this year so Im hoping it will improve slightly. We bought her the game 'Hungry Hippo's' and she absolutely loves it, its not educational but, she has a ball while she is playing it. She also love the usual barnie and bratz, loves swimming, playing baseball and soccer with dad and loves getting dirty outside-gardening, playing in dirt etc etc. She loves to watch movies (even though her attention span its that long for other things) We are going to start her in a FUNSPORT activity thing at our local PCYC. They play all kind of sports baseball, tee-ball, netball, soccer etc. (Great way to keep them active)
I suppose every child is different though...Just ask her and she'll let you know..
Good Luck

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my daughter has a short attention span too. i usually play games she has been initiating like tickle games, chasy, hide and seek... i get her to draw/paint for a short time but since shes autistic i cant keep her attention for very long so its hard, so now i play her games.

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